Exclusive Collaboration: French’s and Skittles Unite for Mustard-Infused Limited-Edition Skittles

In a surprising and unconventional partnership, two iconic brands, French’s and Skittles, have come together to create a unique limited-edition candy flavor in celebration of National Mustard Day on August 5. The candy brand known for its fruity flavors and the condiment company known for its tangy mustard have joined forces to introduce the world to the first-ever mustard-flavored Skittles.

According to a press release, the special candies promise a “tangy mustard flavor” combined with Skittles’ signature chewy texture, all wrapped in a vibrant yellow coloring reminiscent of classic mustard. While the mustard-infused Skittles may not be making their way to store shelves, eager enthusiasts can venture to the French’s “Mustard Mobile,” which will be stationed in three major U.S. cities for a limited time. The locations include Atlanta on July 31, Washington on August 2, and New York on August 5. For specific times and addresses, interested individuals can visit the designated website. Additionally, fans can enter an online sweepstakes for a chance to win a special package.

Unconventional and offbeat flavors have become a trend among food brands, seeking to create buzz on social media and garner media attention. While not always everyone’s cup of tea, these experimental marketing stunts can lead to a temporary boost in sales and public interest.

Skittles, a Mars-owned candy, has a history of introducing limited-edition flavors, typically focusing on sweet and sour varieties. In 2020, the brand temporarily replaced its iconic rainbow packaging and candy colors with artist-designed pride packages to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community.

On the other hand, French’s, under the ownership of McCormick & Company, has a track record of creating attention-grabbing products for special occasions. Last year, French’s introduced a mustard-flavored donut in New York, and in 2019, they made headlines with their yellow mustard-flavored ice cream, a creative combination of “two all-American classics, ice cream and mustard.”

The collaboration between French’s and Skittles represents a playful and unexpected endeavor for both brands. For McCormick & Company, the acquisition of French’s from Reckitt Benckiser in 2017 has allowed them to expand their seasoning company’s portfolio and cement French’s position as the top-selling mustard brand in the United States.

“Skittles is always looking to inspire moments of everyday happiness and deliver unexpected ways for fans to experience the brand,” stated Ro Cheng, Mars’ marketing director, reflecting the company’s commitment to surprising and delighting their customers.

While mustard-flavored Skittles may not appeal to everyone’s taste buds, it certainly showcases the creativity and innovation that food brands are willing to explore in the pursuit of memorable marketing moments. As National Mustard Day approaches, curious candy enthusiasts may seize the opportunity to savor this unusual treat and share their experiences on social media, adding yet another chapter to the ever-evolving world of unique food flavors.

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