Mass Transport in Dubai: Over 337 Million Riders Utilize Public Transportation in the First Half of 2023

Mass Transport in Dubai: In the first half of 2023, Dubai’s commitment to sustainable transportation bore remarkable results, with the city’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announcing a remarkable surge in the ridership of public transportation and shared mobility means. According to the latest statistics, a staggering total of nearly 337 million riders availed themselves of these services, showcasing a significant increase compared to the figures from the previous year. This tremendous growth in mass transport utilization reflects the city’s unwavering dedication to providing efficient and eco-friendly mobility solutions to its residents and visitors.

The diverse array of mass transport options offered in Emirate caters to the varied needs of commuters. The comprehensive network encompasses the renowned Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, public buses, and marine transport modes such as abras, ferries, water taxis, and water buses. Additionally, the city provides e-hail rides, smart car rental services, Bus-On-Demand, and taxis, which includes Dubai Taxi and franchise company taxis.

Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority, Mattar Al Tayer, expressed delight in the substantial growth, stating that Dubai Metro and taxis constituted the most prominent share of public transport, shared mobility means, and taxis. Metro accounted for 36.5 per cent, while Taxi covered 29 per cent of the total ridership. Public buses, on the other hand, contributed to 24.5 per cent of the overall usage.

The bustling month of March 2023 proved to be the highlight of the year, witnessing approximately 60 million riders utilizing various modes of mass transport. The ridership in other months ranged from 53 to 58 million passengers, further demonstrating the city’s commitment to sustainable transportation practices.

The resurgence of Emirate’s economic activity and the successful initiatives by the RTA to encourage the use of public transportation have contributed to an 11 per cent increase in ridership during the first half of 2023, compared to the same period in 2022. Emirate’s integrated public transport network has played a crucial role in influencing a positive shift in the community’s attitudes towards embracing mass transit options for their daily commutes.

Metro, a flagship transport system, recorded an impressive ridership of 123.4 million on both the Red and Green Lines. Burjuman and Union stations emerged as the most popular, catering to 7.25 million and 5.6 million riders, respectively. On the Red Line, Al Rigga station stood out with 5.4 million riders, followed by Mall of the Emirates Station and Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Station with 5.2 million and 4.7 million riders, respectively. The Green Line’s top performer was Sharaf DG Station with 4.4 million riders, followed by Baniyas Station serving 3.8 million riders and Stadium Station with 3 million riders.

Notably, marine transport means, including abras, water buses, water taxis, and ferries, also played a significant role in the city’s mass transport system, transporting 9.1 million riders during the first half of 2023.

Tram, public buses, and shared mobility means, such as e-hail rides, smart rental vehicles, and Bus-On-Demand, collectively served 108.2 million riders, while taxis, comprising Dubai Taxi and franchise company taxis, transported a commendable 96.2 million riders.

To ensure smooth traffic flow, the RTA’s strategic and executive plans focus on integrating various public and shared transport means. This includes enhancing and expanding road networks, crossings, and public transport modes, as well as improving facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. By promoting the use of public and shared transport while reducing reliance on private vehicles, Emirate is setting a remarkable example for cities worldwide.

Dubai‘s dedication to fostering a sustainable, efficient, and interconnected mass transport system is commendable. As the city continues to grow and thrive, its commitment to embracing clean and accessible transportation options will undoubtedly lead the way for a greener and more commuter-friendly future.

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