Unraveling Public Health Gains: New Zealand’s Repeal of Smoking Ban

New Zealand’s reversal of its smoking ban, aiming to fund tax cuts, faces severe criticism from health experts. The groundbreaking 2022 legislation, prohibiting future generations from buying cigarettes, garnered praise for public health goals. Critics fear adverse impacts, especially among Māori communities. Opinions vary, with supporters highlighting health benefits and opponents focusing on financial concerns.



Lumi’s SAR 28 Million Pact with MachinesTalk for Digital Transformation in Car Rentals

In the realm of Saudi Arabian transportation, Lumi stands at the forefront, wielding innovation and cutting-edge technology to redefine the car rental landscape. Renowned for its commitment to reshaping vehicle…


BCCI Extends Rahul Dravid’s Stint as India’s Head Coach

This news article discusses the extension of Rahul Dravid’s contract as the head coach of the Indian cricket team by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). It highlights the renewal of contracts for Dravid and other support staff members and outlines the significance of this decision for Indian cricket.

Emiratisation Details For UAE Business Know About Corporate TAX-UAE