44-Year Old Jack-Up Rig in UAE Embarks on a New Assignment: A Remarkable Achievement

Abu Dhabi-headquartered Ocean Oilfield Drilling has recently unveiled a significant milestone in the offshore drilling industry. The Aras Driller jack-up rig, a 44-year-old veteran, has arrived at an offshore gas field in the UAE and commenced operations for Atlantis (UAQ) Limited. This achievement marks a remarkable moment for both Ocean Oilfield and the rig itself, showcasing its resilience and adaptability over the years.

The journey of the Aras Driller rig has been eventful and dynamic. Just four months ago, the rig concluded its successful drilling campaign in the Kuzey Marmara underground gas storage project with Kolin Kaylon JV in Turkiye. Following this triumph, Ocean Oilfield proudly announced that the rig had secured a new contract with Atlantis (UAQ) Limited in Umm Al Quwain, UAE. The project’s start was eagerly anticipated, and in July 2023, the rig officially commenced its operations.

On 1st August 2023, Ocean Oilfield confirmed the safe mobilization of the Aras Driller rig to the UAQ gas field offshore Umm Al Quwain. The commencement of operations on 27th July 2023 marked a significant step forward for the rig and the entire offshore drilling community. This contract is expected to keep the Aras Driller rig occupied for the next three to four months, contributing to the advancement of the UAE’s gas exploration and production efforts.

“We wish Aras and its crew a successful and safe operation with Atlantis. Ocean Oilfield remains committed to delivering safe and efficient world-class service to its clients worldwide, and we wish client Atlantis successful delivery of its project,” highlighted Ocean Oilfield.

The Aras Driller rig, a masterpiece of engineering, was constructed in 1979 with an 82-SD-C design and can accommodate up to 100 crew members. Its capabilities extend to a maximum drilling depth of 20,000 ft, allowing it to operate effectively in water depths of up to 280 ft. Over the years, this rig has proven its mettle and versatility, making it a valuable asset in the ever-evolving offshore drilling landscape.

The significance of this achievement goes beyond the individual rig and company involved. The Aras Driller’s arrival in Umm Al Quwain marks the first multi-Para sport event to be held in the Central Asian region, leaving a lasting legacy of technological advancement and inspiration for future projects in the area. Additionally, this marks the first time that the Asian Youth Games and Para Games will be hosted in the same city under the same Organising Committee, following the successful format of the Asian Games and Asian Para Games.

The successful mobilization of the Aras Driller rig is a testament to the collaboration, expertise, and dedication of all stakeholders involved. The support and enthusiasm shown by the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) of Uzbekistan and the Asian Paralympic Committee have been instrumental in making this significant event possible.

In conclusion, the successful commencement of operations for the Aras Driller jack-up rig in the UAE is a momentous achievement for Ocean Oilfield Drilling, the rig itself, and the entire offshore drilling community. It signifies the rig’s enduring capabilities and showcases the UAE’s commitment to advancements in gas exploration and production. As the rig continues its operations offshore Umm Al Quwain, the industry eagerly awaits further milestones and accomplishments in the years to come.

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