Ajman Chamber Strengthens Cooperation with Member Establishments Through 106 Visits

The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) is proactively enhancing communication and cooperation with its private sector members by conducting a series of visits to companies and factories. These efforts reflect the Ajman Chamber’s commitment to fostering strong relationships and consolidating ties within the business community.

Throughout the current year, the Ajman Chamber has undertaken a total of 106 visits to various companies and factories. The primary objective of these visits is to stay abreast of developments in the emirate’s economy, assess investment opportunities, and engage in discussions aimed at improving the overall business environment.

Abdullah Abdul Mohsen Al Nuaimi, Director of Member Relations and Support at the Ajman Chamber, emphasized that these visits are part of a comprehensive strategy to encourage collaboration between the Chamber and its member establishments. The goal is to develop flexible and proactive services and initiatives that can effectively contribute to boosting the emirate’s GDP across diverse sectors.

The visits also serve as a means to identify the requirements of the private sector, address challenges, and devise suitable solutions that foster sustainable growth, support businesses, and attract increased investments to Ajman. Al Nuaimi outlined that the Chamber’s visits encompass not only showcasing the benefits of Chamber membership but also promoting upcoming events and exhibitions in which the Chamber intends to participate, both domestically and internationally. Moreover, these visits provide insight into the aspirations of business owners regarding their potential involvement in foreign exhibitions.

Al Nuaimi highlighted that the outcomes of these visits play a pivotal role in the Ajman Chamber’s strategic plan. The Chamber is keen on diversifying communication channels with its members, leveraging the “Eshaar” platform. This online platform, available at www.eshaar.ae, facilitates direct communication between the Chamber and the private sector. Additionally, the Ajman Chamber organizes specialized forums that bring together business owners to discuss pertinent topics and concerns.

Undoubtedly, the Ajman Chamber remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the business landscape and reinforcing efforts to cultivate a unique commercial and industrial environment. These endeavors are geared towards achieving sustainable development and creating diverse investment prospects across various sectors.

Business owners reciprocate the Ajman Chamber’s dedication and acknowledge its multipronged approach to support. They appreciate the value of the visits, which provide an opportunity for direct interaction with the Chamber’s teams. These interactions facilitate the exchange of ideas and proposals, enabling businesses to enhance their developmental trajectory, foster growth, and amplify productivity.

The Ajman Chamber’s proactive engagement through 106 visits underscores its commitment to the growth and prosperity of its member establishments. By fostering direct communication, identifying challenges, and exploring collaborative solutions, the Chamber is actively contributing to Ajman’s economic development, supporting business innovation, and fortifying investment opportunities across diverse sectors. As a cornerstone of the emirate’s business community, the Ajman Chamber continues to forge a path toward a sustainable and thriving business environment.

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