Ringing in the New Year with Arcade Delights: Apple Arcade Welcomes Tamagotchi, Cornsweeper, and More!

The App Store’s subscription gaming service, Apple Arcade, is kicking off 2024 with a flurry of exciting additions and updates! Get ready to dust off your childhood memories, polish your strategic skills, and dive into fresh adventures alongside beloved characters, because the Arcade is serving up a diverse smorgasbord of new experiences.

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom:
For all the ’90s kids and nostalgic grown-ups, Bandai Namco brings back the iconic virtual pet experience with a twist! In the Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, your cherished Tamagotchi isn’t confined to a tiny screen anymore. Explore vibrant islands, solve puzzles, and compete in mini-games alongside your digital companion. You can even connect with friends and their Tamagotchis for some friendly competition and shared memories.

The classic mind-bending tile-clearing game gets a vibrant makeover on Arcade. Developed by MobilityWare+, the new Cornsweeper boasts stunning visuals, intuitive controls, and a variety of difficulty levels to challenge both casual and seasoned players. Whether you’re a speed demon looking for record times or a meticulous strategist seeking perfect clears, this modern take on the timeless classic has something for everyone.

Blackjack by MobilityWare+:
Feeling lucky? Put your card-counting skills to the test in this premium, ad-free version of Blackjack. Play at customizable tables, strategize against the dealer, and climb the global leaderboards to prove your prowess. With multiple deck options and betting limits, Blackjack by MobilityWare+ offers an authentic casino experience in the comfort of your Apple device.

Beyond the New Arrivals:
But wait, there’s more! Apple Arcade isn’t stopping with just three exciting additions. Over 20 existing titles are receiving content updates, bringing fresh levels, characters, features, and challenges to keep you entertained for hours on end. From beloved platformers like “Doodle Jump” and “Badland Party” to engaging puzzlers like “Sneaky Sasquatch” and “Tintin Match,” there’s something for every taste and mood.

A Feast for Gamers:
With the arrival of Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom, Cornsweeper, and Blackjack by MobilityWare+, along with a bounty of content updates for existing titles, Apple Arcade is cementing its position as a prime destination for gamers of all stripes. Whether you’re a nostalgic gamer seeking familiar fun, a strategic tactician craving a mental workout, or simply looking for a fresh and engaging experience, the Arcade has something to satisfy your gaming itch.

So, grab your favorite Apple device, dive into the Arcade, and prepare to be entertained! With a constant stream of exciting new arrivals and engaging updates, Apple Arcade is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.


What is it?

  1. What is Apple Arcade? 
    – Apple Arcade is a subscription gaming service from Apple, offering unlimited access to over 200 premium, ad-free mobile games on all your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV).
  2. What kind of games are on Apple Arcade? 
    – It has a diverse library across genres, including puzzle, adventure, strategy, RPG, action, arcade, sports, and family-friendly games.
  3. What’s the difference between Apple Arcade and the App Store? 
    – Arcade games are curated, ad-free, and require a subscription, while regular App Store games can be free or paid and often contain ads.

Subscription and Cost:

  1. How much does Apple Arcade cost? 
    – It costs $4.99 USD per month or $49.99 USD per year.
  2. Is there a free trial? 
    – Yes, you can get a one-month free trial when you first sign up.
  3. Can I share my subscription with my family? 
    – Yes, Family Sharing allows you to share your subscription with up to five other family members.

Gameplay and Features:

  1. Can I download Apple Arcade games? 
    – Yes, you can download games for offline play, though some require an internet connection for specific features.
  2. Do Apple Arcade games have microtransactions? 
    – No, there are no in-app purchases or additional costs once you subscribe.
  3. Is Apple Arcade controller compatible? 
    – Yes, you can use supported controllers like PlayStation DualShock and Xbox wireless controllers with many Apple Arcade games.
  4. What devices are compatible with Apple Arcade? 
    – iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Specific Games and Content:

  1. What are some popular games on Apple Arcade? 
    – Oceanhorn 2, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, Sneaky Sasquatch, Badland Party, Tintin Match, The Pathless, Fantasian, Monument Valley 2, LEGO Brawls, and Mini Motor Racing X.
  2. Do new games get added to Apple Arcade? 
    – Yes, new games are regularly added to the platform.
  3. Do existing Apple Arcade games receive updates? 
    – Yes, many games receive regular updates with new content, features, and improvements.

Comparison to other services:

  1. How does Apple Arcade compare to Google Play Pass? 
    – Both offer similar subscription models for ad-free gaming, but Apple Arcade has a smaller library with more curated titles.
  2. Is Apple Arcade worth it? – It depends on your gaming habits. If you enjoy playing premium mobile games regularly, the subscription can be a good value proposition.

Technical and Additional Questions:

  1. What internet connection speed do I need for Apple Arcade? 
    – A stable internet connection is recommended for downloading and playing games, but speeds will vary depending on individual game requirements.
  2. Can I cancel my Apple Arcade subscription at any time? 
    – Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time through your Apple ID settings.
  3. Is there a customer service option for Apple Arcade? 
    – You can contact Apple Support for any questions or issues related to your Arcade subscription.
  4. Where can I learn more about Apple Arcade? – Visit the official Apple Arcade website or browse the Arcade section within the App Store.
  5. Does Apple Arcade offer exclusive content or early access to games? 
    – Some developers may offer exclusive content or early access for Apple Arcade subscribers, but this varies on a game-by-game basis.

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