Author-Illustrator Loren Long, Collaborator with Barack Obama, Strikes 6-Figure Book Deal

Loren Long, a distinguished author-illustrator renowned for his collaborations with prominent figures such as former President Barack Obama, Madonna, and poet Amanda Gorman, has secured a substantial six-figure deal with a Macmillan imprint for two of his own creative ventures. Loren Long’s upcoming book, “The Yellow Bus,” is slated for release in June 2024, marking the commencement of his new contract.

The captivating concept behind “The Yellow Bus” was sparked by Loren Long’s encounter with a weathered and abandoned school bus nestled in a field, where goats playfully clambered in and out of its frame. This seemingly mundane sight ignited a profound reflection on the essence of purpose and the relentless flow of time. Long’s imaginative musings led him to ponder the bus’s inception as a vibrant, gleaming vehicle ferrying children between pivotal destinations.

Long expressed his inspiration behind “The Yellow Bus” in a statement released through Roaring Brook Press: “The Yellow Bus resulted from me contemplating and imagining what the life of that old bus might have been. And the feeling that comes from doing things for other people.”

Loren Long’s artistic prowess extends beyond his solo projects. Notably, he contributed his creative talents to Obama’s “Of Thee I Sing,” Madonna’s “Mr. Peabody’s Apples,” and Gorman’s “Change Sings.” Long’s artistic expression encapsulates themes of diversity, social change, and inspiration, resonating with readers of all ages.

In addition to his illustrious collaborations, Loren Long has crafted a beloved series centered around the character Otis the tractor. This charming series includes titles like “Otis and the Kittens,” “Otis and the Scarecrow,” and “Otis and the Tornado.” Notably, Apple TV is in the process of developing an animated series based on the endearing Otis books, further solidifying Long’s impact in the world of children’s literature.

Long’s new six-figure deal with a Macmillan imprint not only underscores his remarkable creative capabilities but also highlights his dedication to crafting meaningful stories that resonate with readers. His ability to infuse life into inanimate objects, such as the “The Yellow Bus,” showcases his unique storytelling prowess.

As “The Yellow Bus” prepares to make its debut in June 2024, readers can anticipate yet another captivating narrative that captures the essence of purpose, nostalgia, and the power of giving back. Long’s deep introspection and ability to convey profound messages through his artistry have solidified his position as a cherished author-illustrator with a lasting impact on children’s literature.

In conclusion, Loren Long‘s journey as an author-illustrator has led him to a significant milestone—a six-figure book deal with a Macmillan imprint for his forthcoming projects. His creative collaborations with notable figures and his distinctive storytelling style have cemented his reputation as a visionary artist capable of crafting stories that leave a lasting impression. As “The Yellow Bus” approaches its release, readers can eagerly anticipate another enchanting narrative that captures the heart and imagination.

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