Netflix to Crack Down on Password Sharing in UAE and Other Countries

Netflix to Crack Down on Password Sharing in UAE and Other Countries:- Sharing a Netflix password will soon be a thing of the past in the UAE and other countries, as the streaming giant is set to initiate a crackdown. The company’s earnings call letter revealed their plans to address the issue of password sharing that has been impacting their revenue in various regions, including Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Netflix emphasizes that their accounts are meant to be shared only among people living together in the same household. So, as long as the device is part of the household, access to the streaming service should remain unaffected. However, if a user outside the household attempts to access Netflix, a prompt will notify the subscribers, and they won’t be blocked without prior notice.

The new restrictions have already been implemented in several countries, such as Canada, Spain, the US, and the UK, where Netflix witnessed a significant increase in subscribers following the crackdown. Reports suggest that subscriptions surged by almost 6 million users since the restrictions were put in place.

Interestingly, in the early days of its entry into the streaming market, Netflix had famously tweeted, “Love is sharing a password.” However, they later retracted their statement as they observed a decline in revenue.

While the official statement from Netflix MENA team is yet to be released, it’s evident that the streaming giant is determined to tackle the issue of password sharing worldwide, including the UAE, to ensure a fair and sustainable business model.

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