Saudi Film Confex: Debuting in Riyadh to Shape the Future of Film Industry

The inaugural Saudi Film Confex is set to make its debut in Riyadh, organized by the Saudi Film Commission. Taking place from October 1st to 4th at BLVD Expo, this four-day conference and exhibition aims to showcase the future of the Kingdom’s film industry and attract prominent filmmakers, directors, producers, investors, and media representatives from around the world.

The Saudi Film Confex is geared towards bolstering the Kingdom’s film sector by promoting its economic potential and drawing attention to its creative endeavors. The event will encompass a diverse range of activities, including workshops, interactive zones, innovation showcases, and insightful thought leadership sessions led by 50 keynote speakers. The content of the event will delve into industry trends, global best practices, challenges, and opportunities within the filmmaking realm.

The conference is structured around specific thematic zones. The inspirational zone will host industry luminaries sharing their journeys and providing insights into overarching industry trends. Meanwhile, the innovation zone will unveil cutting-edge technologies and novel product concepts relevant to filmmaking. The experience zone will spotlight recent advancements and trends in the field, while the business zone will serve as a dynamic networking hub for forging agreements, conducting meetings, and initiating partnerships.

Spanning an expansive 40,000 square meters of exhibition space, the venue will accommodate more than 100 exhibitors. Abdullah Al Eyaf, the CEO of the Film Commission, emphasized the significance of the Saudi Film Confex’s debut, viewing it as a pivotal moment for the local film industry. He emphasized how this event will facilitate connections between regional and international industry players, fostering collaborative innovation and technological advancement.

Al Eyaf further stated, “We are excited to see how the event will impact the evolution of filmmaking in Saudi Arabia and around the world.” With the growing interest in the Kingdom’s entertainment offerings, the Saudi Film Confex is poised to play a central role in shaping the future of filmmaking in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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