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In the morally ambiguous world of “The Boys,” even superpowers come with a hierarchy. The recently introduced squad “Payback,” a relic of Soldier Boy’s past, certainly throws punches (and laser beams) with the best of them. But amongst these morally dubious supes, who reigns supreme? Let’s dissect their powers and peel back the layers to expose the true pecking order of Payback.

1. Soldier Boy:
Unquestionably the alpha male (at least until he goes senile). This WWII super-soldier boasts superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and the ability to shoot energy blasts from his chest. Think Captain America on steroids with a dash of Iron Man’s firepower.

2. Black Noir:
The enigmatic, silent assassin. His strength and agility are formidable, rivaling Soldier Boy’s, but it’s his near-invisibility and uncanny stealth that make him truly terrifying. Plus, those shadow tendrils… yikes.

3. Crimson Countess:
More than just a pretty face, this telekinetic powerhouse can manipulate minds and objects with devastating precision. Think Scarlet Witch meets Jean Grey, but with a penchant for bloodlust and questionable fashion choices.

4. Gunpowder:
Don’t be fooled by the grandpa facade. This old man can create and detonate explosives at will, turning any battlefield into a fireworks display of fiery doom. Just call him Mr. Bang Boom.

5. Tnt Twins:
Talk about explosive duos! These siblings share the ability to generate and detonate nitroglycerin, essentially walking human grenades. Just keep them separate and away from open flames, please.

6. Swatto:
Don’t underestimate the fly guy. Superhuman strength, flight, and stingers that pack a venom-coated punch make him a surprisingly formidable opponent. He might be annoying, but he can definitely sting.

7. Mindstorm:
The telepath with a temper. He can read minds, manipulate memories, and even project illusions, but his unstable mental state often turns his powers into unpredictable wild cards. Think Professor X on an espresso bender.

8. Mesmer:
Not the brightest bulb in the shed, but his hypnotic gaze can mesmerize and control anyone who dares meet his eyes. Just don’t stare too long, or you might end up cleaning Soldier Boy’s boots until the apocalypse.

Remember, power isn’t everything. While strength and flashy abilities may dominate the top ranks, cunning, experience, and even sheer ruthlessness can play just as crucial a role in the twisted game of Payback.

This article provides a detailed ranking of the members of Payback based on their powers. Feel free to adapt it to fit the specific requirements of your chosen platform or publication. You can add additional details about specific feats of strength, weaknesses of each member, or even compare them to other supe teams in “The Boys” universe.

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