Latest Updates for Travelers on Visit Visas: UAE Visa News (May 29, 2024)

The UAE remains a popular destination for tourists and business travelers alike, thanks to its stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and thriving business environment. As of May 29, 2024, it’s important for travelers to be aware of some key requirements when entering the UAE on visit visas. Please note that while these details are crucial for travelers, they are not newly declared requirements but have been consistently enforced to ensure smooth entry and stay.

Return Ticket is a Must

One of the most crucial details is the requirement for travelers to have a return ticket. This measure ensures that visitors have planned their departure and will not overstay their visas. Immigration authorities will check for a valid return ticket at the point of entry, and failure to present one can result in denial of entry into the UAE. Therefore, it is essential to book and carry a confirmed return ticket before traveling.

Sufficient Funds for the Duration of Stay

Travelers must demonstrate that they have enough funds to cover their expenses during their stay in the UAE. The recommended amount is AED 3000 per person for a one-month stay. This ensures that visitors can support themselves without facing financial difficulties. Immigration officials may ask for proof of funds, such as bank statements, proof of income, or a credit card meeting the expense requirements with supporting documentation, to verify that travelers have sufficient resources.

Clear Accommodation Details

The UAE authorities require travelers to provide clear details about their accommodation arrangements. Whether staying in hotels, rented apartments, or with friends or relatives, visitors must furnish complete information about their place of stay. For hotel accommodations, it’s important to have the booking confirmation readily available. If staying with someone, having a letter of invitation or proof of residence from the host is beneficial. Additionally, if accommodation is provided by friends or family, their Emirates ID and passport details should also be kept with your documents.

Summary of Important Details

  1. Return Ticket: A confirmed return ticket is mandatory for entry.
  2. Sufficient Funds: Proof of sufficient funds (AED 3000 per person for one month) to cover the entire stay is required. A credit card meeting the expense requirements with supporting documentation will also help.
  3. Accommodation Details: Clear information about where you will be staying must be provided, including hotel bookings or details of private accommodation. If staying with friends or family, their Emirates ID and passport details should be included.


These details are part of the UAE’s ongoing efforts to regulate and streamline the entry process for visitors. By ensuring compliance with these requirements, travelers can enjoy a smooth entry experience and focus on exploring the numerous attractions and opportunities that the UAE has to offer. Always check the latest guidelines and prepare your documentation accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

For any queries or assistance with your travel plans, feel free to reach out to the UAE immigration authorities or your travel agent. Safe travels!

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