Prince William Reveals Charming Insight About Princess Charlotte’s Passion for Dance at Major Royal Occasion

Princess Charlotte, the young member of the royal family, has captivated royal enthusiasts with her remarkable composure and elegance during several high-profile events over the past year. One person who stands immensely proud of her accomplishments is none other than her father, Prince William. The Duke of Cambridge recently shared an endearing detail about Princess Charlotte’s interests and talents, shedding light on her delightful personality.

During a meeting with Joseph Muscat, the Prime Minister of Malta, and his family, Prince William opened up about Princess Charlotte’s love for dancing. The heartwarming revelation came to light during a Commonwealth Day reception held back in 2018. At the event organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat at Marlborough House in London, Prince William engaged in conversation with Joseph Muscat’s wife, Michelle Muscat.

In a lighthearted exchange, Prince William conversed with the Muscat family, which also included their twin daughters, Etoile Ella and Soleil Sophie. Addressing the young girls, Prince William humorously commented on the weather, saying, “It’s a bit colder than Malta.” This charming interaction took place in the presence of other esteemed guests, including the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, high commissioners, former Prime Minister Sir John Major, and the event’s host, Baroness Scotland, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth.

The conversation between Prince William and Michelle Muscat took an endearing turn when she mentioned that her children were attending a stage school. In response, Prince William shared a glimpse into Princess Charlotte’s interests, saying, “My daughter Charlotte loves dancing.” This remark offered a delightful insight into the young princess’s personality, revealing her fondness for the art of dance.

Beyond her passion for dancing, Princess Charlotte displayed remarkable linguistic abilities from an early age. By the time she was merely two years old, the young royal had already mastered two languages. Alongside her proficiency in English, Princess Charlotte also used Spanish phrases, a skill she acquired from her Spanish nanny. People magazine reported that the princess is characterized by her sweetness and confidence, and she has effortlessly learned several Spanish words.

Currently, Princess Charlotte, along with her older brother Prince George and younger sibling Prince Louis, attends Lambrook School in Berkshire. The trio is currently enjoying their summer break and is expected to embark on holidays with their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton. However, when at school, Princess Charlotte goes by a different surname, a practice common among her family members.

Her full name is Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and her official title is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Given the formality of these titles, the young princess opts to use a simpler and more relatable version of her surname. Like her older brother and other royal family members, she uses her parents’ title as her surname, and thus, she is known as Charlotte Cambridge.

Princess Charlotte‘s endearing attributes, linguistic abilities, and her love for dance continue to make her a delightful presence within the royal family. As she grows, her unique qualities are sure to shine, captivating the hearts of royal enthusiasts around the world.

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