Tesla’s Mind-Blowing Move: Cybertruck Inspired Cat Beds in China

In a surprising move, Tesla has ventured beyond the realm of electric vehicles to introduce a product that caters to a different kind of audience – feline enthusiasts in China. The company has unveiled a Cybertruck-themed cat bed, offering an unusual yet quirky product for pet owners. This move reflects Tesla’s knack for innovation and capturing attention, even beyond the automotive industry.

The Cybertruck-inspired cat bed, priced at 89 yuan (approximately $12), is now available for purchase on Tesla’s online store in China. This corrugated cat bed not only provides a comfortable resting place for cats but also serves as a scratching board, catering to their natural instincts. The product description on Tesla’s website highlights that the design of the cat bed draws inspiration from the Cybertruck’s “futuristic design,” adding a touch of Tesla’s signature style to pet accessories.

Constructed with thickened, moisture-proof corrugated paper, the cat bed is described as multi-functional and able to sustain a weight of up to 7.5 kg, making it suitable for most domestic cats. Interestingly, customers are required to assemble the bed themselves, adding an interactive element to the purchase.

This unique addition to Tesla’s lineup is part of the company’s broader merchandise offerings available in China. Alongside the Cybertruck-themed cat bed, Tesla’s Chinese merchandise line includes a range of items such as mugs, skateboards, and apparel. Tesla’s decision to introduce such a distinctive product aligns with the company’s reputation for pushing boundaries and engaging with its fan base in creative ways.

China holds significant importance for Tesla, being its second-largest market after North America. Although Tesla’s share in China’s electric vehicle market experienced a slight dip earlier in the year, the company is still projected to achieve record sales for the quarter. The introduction of the Cybertruck-inspired cat bed not only garners attention but also showcases Tesla’s ability to capture diverse markets and cater to varying consumer interests.

It’s worth noting that while the Cybertruck itself faced delays in production, with the first model rolling out only recently, Tesla’s foray into unique merchandise demonstrates its willingness to venture into different spheres. This isn’t the first time Tesla has introduced unconventional products; the company previously launched its own branded “Tesla Tequila” and even a stainless steel “Cyberwhistle” that can only be purchased with dogecoin, the cryptocurrency meme token.

In the world of Tesla, innovation extends beyond electric vehicles and into creative merchandise that captures the essence of the brand. As the company continues to expand its global presence and product offerings, it will be interesting to see what other unexpected ventures Tesla might embark upon in the future.

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