ROSHN’s New Initiatives Aim for Greater Social Impact in Saudi Arabia

ROSHN, a prominent Saudi real estate developer backed by the Public Investment Fund, has positioned itself as a beacon of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This article delves into ROSHN’s CSR initiatives, underlining their significance in fostering economic growth, improving the well-being of communities, and contributing to societal advancement.

Corporate social responsibility is a cornerstone of ROSHN’s operations. It extends its commitment to various domains, encompassing women’s empowerment, environmental stewardship, poverty alleviation, and community engagement. Mohammed Ashour, ROSHN’s Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, underscores the company’s dedication to surpassing conventional CSR practices.

ROSHN’s core objective is to enhance community life through five fundamental pillars: community development, environmental sustainability, art and culture, health and wellness, and education and innovation.

Community development is a paramount focus for ROSHN. The company collaborates with leading non-profit organizations to initiate projects aimed at uplifting underprivileged families in Saudi Arabia. These endeavors contribute to social and economic progress.

Health, wellness, and well-being are also central to ROSHN’s CSR initiatives. Collaborations and partnerships support programs that prioritize the overall health of individuals.

ROSHN’s social responsibility program, Yuhyeek, aligns with Saudi Vision 2030. It plays a pivotal role in the Kingdom’s social and economic development, promoting sustainability and healthy lifestyles. Yuhyeek encompasses support for sporting events, marathons, walks, parades, and activities that encourage physical fitness.

The program also empowers individuals with disabilities and raises awareness about inclusivity. ROSHN actively participates in national breast cancer awareness campaigns alongside organizations like the Zahra Breast Cancer Association.

Environmental sustainability is a key concern for ROSHN. The company implements accessibility standards and tree-planting campaigns to promote sustainability. Recycling practices and environmental standards are also integral to ROSHN’s operations.

ROSHN’s commitment to art and culture is reflected in its partnership with the Ministry of Culture. Yuhyeek supports cultural initiatives and plays a significant role in the success of the Islamic Arts Biennale in Saudi Arabia.

To support local artists, ROSHN launched an art program that showcases their work in sales representative offices across the Kingdom.

ROSHN extends its CSR initiatives by collaborating with the Ehsan National Platform for Charitable Work. This partnership supports social projects in areas like autism, kidney failure treatments, disabilities, orphans, mobile clinics, and food-saving programs.

One flagship project is the renovation initiative with Tarmeem Charity, through which ROSHN has refurbished 75 houses in seven regions across Saudi Arabia. ROSHN aims to expand its social impact through Yuhyeek and engage in more initiatives that contribute to Saudi society’s development.

ROSHN‘s commitment to CSR serves as an exemplary model for businesses in Saudi Arabia. Through strategic partnerships, community programs, and initiatives spanning various domains, ROSHN showcases the importance of prioritizing the environment and community while driving economic growth and societal progress.

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