Stray Kids Recognized as “Next Generation Leaders” by TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine names Stray Kids as part of its 2023 “Next Generation Leaders” list, celebrating emerging talents across various fields.

In a recent announcement on October 5, Stray Kids secured a spot on TIME Magazine’s prestigious “Next Generation Leaders” list for 2023. This annual list acknowledges individuals and groups who are making significant strides in diverse fields, spanning politics, business, culture, science, and sports.

Chad de Guzman, in his write-up for TIME, noted the distinctive musical journey of Stray Kids. He emphasized how the group’s music, characterized by grungier headbanging anthems that blend rock, EDM, and industrial elements, initially faced criticism for being unconventional compared to the polished K-pop standards. However, Stray Kids chose not to conform to expectations for Korean boy bands and instead embraced their unique sound. This bold departure from the norm ultimately contributed to their global success.

Changbin, a member of Stray Kids, expressed the group’s artistic aspirations, stating, “The goal is to continuously pioneer new musical territories and have our music recognized as a distinct ‘Stray Kids’ genre.”

This recognition by TIME Magazine underscores Stray Kids’ growing influence and impact in the music industry and beyond. Their unwavering commitment to their unique musical identity has resonated with audiences worldwide, solidifying their position as trailblazers in the global music scene.

Fans and music enthusiasts can delve deeper into Stray Kids’ journey by watching the documentary series “K-Pop Generation,” available with subtitles.

Stray Kids continues to captivate audiences with their innovative sound and artistic vision, and their inclusion in TIME’s “Next Generation Leaders” list further cements their status as rising stars in the entertainment world.

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