UAE’s Al Dahra and Abu Dhabi Fund Ink $500 Million Pact to Provide Wheat to Egypt

Al Dahra, a prominent agribusiness entity based in the UAE, along with the Abu Dhabi Exports Office (ADEX), has successfully sealed a significant deal worth $500 million aimed at supplying Egypt with wheat. This strategic partnership, spanning five years, entails an annual commitment of $100 million, designed to ensure a consistent flow of imported milling wheat to Egypt, bolstering its food security. The agreement emphasizes the provision of competitive prices to enhance Egypt’s economic resilience during challenging times.

As Egypt navigates the aftermath of the Ukraine conflict, which has had far-reaching implications for its economy, the country has been grappling with a foreign currency shortage. The devaluation of the Egyptian currency by approximately 50% against the dollar, coupled with record-high official inflation rates of 36.5%, has intensified its economic challenges. The upheaval has necessitated innovative solutions to address the pressing issue of wheat procurement.

In response to these challenges, the cooperative venture between Al Dahra and ADEX emerges as a strategic lifeline. With a focus on ensuring a reliable supply of wheat at competitive rates, this partnership has garnered praise for its potential to stabilize Egypt’s food market and alleviate the burden of currency fluctuations.

Egypt’s supply minister, Ali Moselhy, emphasized the significance of the deal’s low-cost financing package provided by ADEX. This financial support empowers Egypt to secure top-quality wheat through the most cost-effective financing options available, while also benefiting from favorable payment terms.

This landmark collaboration marks a decisive step towards bolstering Egypt’s food security and mitigating the impact of economic upheaval. The agreement’s multi-year duration provides a stable framework for wheat supply, offering a level of predictability that is essential for long-term planning and stability.

The role of Al Dahra as a key supplier of locally produced wheat at the government-set procurement price further underscores its commitment to Egypt’s food security. Through its Egyptian subsidiary, which operates on a vast expanse of 28,000 hectares of farmland, Al Dahra contributes to meeting Egypt’s wheat demand, ensuring a diverse and reliable supply chain.

ADEX, as the export financing arm of the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, stands as a testament to the UAE’s commitment to regional economic stability and partnership. The $500 million deal reflects the UAE’s dedication to fostering collaboration and addressing the pressing challenges faced by its neighboring countries.

As Egypt continues to navigate economic uncertainty, strategic partnerships like this one between Al Dahra and ADEX exemplify the power of cross-border collaboration in building economic resilience and ensuring essential food security. This landmark deal reinforces the UAE’s position as a supportive neighbor and partner, working hand in hand with regional nations to overcome challenges and seize opportunities for mutual growth and stability.

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