12-year-old Dubai Student Chronicles City’s Evolution into a Modern Paradise

Imagine being a 12-year-old student in Dubai, watching your city transform before your very eyes. That’s exactly what Yaash Chopra has experienced. Growing up in the UAE, he’s witnessed Dubai’s remarkable evolution in just over a decade since his birth. Now, this young boy has captured the essence of Dubai’s journey in a book that celebrates the city’s vision and progress.

Yaash’s memories take him back to a time when he used to go desert camping on the golden sands along Emirates Road. The landscape was vastly different then, with wild trees and camels roaming. Today, that same area is transformed with family camping sites, tall trees, residential neighborhoods, and vibrant community centers for kids.

Walking along Dubai Creek, Yaash once observed old ships sailing by. Now, that very spot has been rejuvenated into a modern hub for retail and dining.

These personal experiences have driven Yaash to create his second book, ‘Upon the Wings of a Falcon: My Unforgettable Childhood’. In it, he highlights Dubai’s iconic landmarks and events, such as the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Museum of the Future, Ferrari World, and the extraordinary Expo event. He also touches on how Dubai effectively managed the challenges posed by the pandemic, showcasing the city’s resilience.

Reflecting on his writing journey, Yaash said, “Looking back, it feels like we were blessed to be here.” His book also underscores how UAE’s young generation is making a global impact, thanks to the opportunities and excellence they witness here.

At the core of Yaash’s narrative is the endless success journey of the nation and its continuous evolution. He proudly dedicates his book to the visionary Rulers of the UAE, who have shaped the nation’s growth.

This isn’t Yaash’s first venture into the world of writing. At just 10 years old, he published his debut book, ‘When the Unknown Became Known’. Inspired by a desire to express his thoughts and feelings, he embarked on a journey to showcase the marvels of Dubai through his eyes. His book highlights the city’s tremendous growth and why it stands as one of the best places to live. Yaash’s admiration for Dubai and its leaders shines through as he dedicates this book to their vision.

Beyond writing, Yaash has a passion for imagining, reading, and delving into news and mystery books. He’s an avid reader, devouring at least two books of his interest every week. His eclectic taste extends to biographies of sportsmen and presidents, with Michael Morpurgo being one of his favorite authors.

The young author’s exposure to Dubai‘s diverse offerings—world-class cuisine, top-tier education, engaging activities, and a multitude of nationalities—continues to shape his perspective and inspire his creative endeavors. Through his words, Yaash brings to life Dubai’s remarkable journey, offering insights into the city’s growth and the dreams of its leaders that have become reality.

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