45 Establishments Referred to Public Prosecution for Unauthorized Recruitment Activities in UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has taken stern action against 45 establishments involved in recruiting domestic workers and conducting recruitment activities without the required licenses. This crackdown began last year and continues to ensure the integrity of such operations.

Notably, four of these non-compliant entities were apprehended during a recent inspection campaign in Al Ain, conducted in collaboration with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, the Department of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Al Ain, and the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Branch.

The Ministry is leaving no room for leniency, proceeding to impose legal consequences on these offending establishments. Specifically, they have been referred to the Public Prosecution, and their owners are facing administrative fines totaling 50,000 dirhams per entity. These establishments have been not only fined but also closed with “closure stickers” placed on their doors by the Department of Economic Development.

In a move demonstrating compassion, the Ministry has ensured that temporary housing is arranged for the domestic workers found in these unlicensed offices. Furthermore, procedures are underway to transfer these domestic workers to authorized centers approved by the Ministry.

To prevent such illegal practices, the Ministry underscores the importance of dealing exclusively with licensed recruitment entities. It’s crucial to verify the accreditation of these centers through official channels, such as the Ministry’s website at mohre.gov.ae.

The Ministry urges the community to contribute to this effort by reporting any illegal practices through the official channels and the call center at 600590000.

The Ministry, in partnership with related agencies, conducts joint inspection campaigns with the objective of proactive monitoring, responding to community reports, and periodic inspection visits to ensure that recruitment activities only occur through approved centers. These initiatives aim to safeguard the rights of all involved parties.

Through these joint efforts and field visits, the Ministry aligns with its strategic plan to regulate the labor market. This comprehensive approach enhances market flexibility, productivity, competitiveness, and the ease of conducting business, all while securing the rights of those involved in the labor market.

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