A New Era of Mobile Device Protection: Samsung and Microsoft’s Joint Security Innovation

Samsung Electronics and Microsoft have joined forces to revolutionize mobile device security for business customers. This collaboration has resulted in the industry’s first on-device, mobile hardware-backed device attestation solution, offering enhanced security for both company-owned and personally owned devices.

Device attestation is a critical security measure that verifies a device’s identity and ensures it remains uncompromised. Samsung and Microsoft’s partnership has led to a groundbreaking solution that adds an extra layer of protection against compromised devices, safeguarding sensitive corporate data. With this innovation, enterprises can confidently embrace a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, granting personal Galaxy devices the same level of security as company-owned ones.

In an ever-evolving landscape of changing work habits and rising cyber threats, the Zero Trust security model has become essential for regulated industries and public sector customers. Zero Trust operates on the principles of always assuming a breach, explicit verification, and providing the least privilege access. Samsung and Microsoft’s collaboration uniquely enables this robust security approach.

Samsung is a leader in global smartphones, and their Samsung Knox security platform has protected over a billion Galaxy devices across 30,000 businesses in 110 markets. Microsoft, on the other hand, leads in unified endpoint management software and delivers end-to-end cross-cloud, cross-platform security solutions. Their vast threat intelligence network processes over 65 trillion threat signals daily.

Traditional device attestation is limited to managed devices, relying on network connectivity and server-based management. In contrast, Samsung and Microsoft’s solution enables verification of a device’s integrity regardless of ownership and enrollment status. This flexibility allows enterprises to safely adopt BYOD policies and streamline user experiences.

Mobile hardware-backed device attestation with Intune empowers enterprise IT managers with strong protection for corporate needs without impacting the user experience. Organizations can now rest assured that personal and company-owned Samsung devices are shielded from potential cyber threats.

Samsung and Microsoft’s strategic partnership bridges the gap between consumer devices and enterprise security, making the modern workplace safer and more flexible. This innovative collaboration represents a significant advancement in mobile device security, providing businesses with the utmost protection for their sensitive information.

Samsung and Microsoft‘s collaborative effort marks a significant milestone in mobile device security for the modern workplace. The on-device, mobile hardware-backed device attestation solution offers enhanced protection for both company-owned and personal devices, ensuring a higher level of security and flexibility for nterprises. With this innovative alliance, businesses can confidently embrace the Zero Trust security model and implement BYOD policies without compromising on data integrity. This pioneering solution exemplifies the commitment of both companies to continuous innovation and strengthening the security posture of the most discerning organizations.

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