Aaron Judge Makes Progress in Recovery from Toe Injury: Yankees Optimistic about His Return

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New York Yankees star outfielder, Aaron Judge, is making strides in his recovery from a toe injury. Despite crashing through the outfield fence at Dodger Stadium, Judge recently participated in batting practice and various baseball activities without feeling limited. While he has not provided a specific timeline for his return, both Judge and the Yankees remain optimistic about his progress. Manager Aaron Boone is encouraged by Judge’s performance in hitting and running. As the Yankees navigate their lineup without Judge, they look forward to his return, even if he’s not at full strength. The judge will determine when he’s ready to play again, ensuring a safe and successful comeback.

Aaron Judge, the star outfielder for the New York Yankees, recently suffered a toe injury when he crashed through the outfield fence at Dodger Stadium. Despite the injury, Judge expressed that he didn’t feel limited during a recent batting practice (BP) session. He also engaged in some light outfield drills, played catch, and did light running.

Judge described the feeling in his toe as difficult to describe, but he wouldn’t classify it as pain. However, he didn’t provide a specific timeline for his return to the Yankees’ lineup. The injury has not fully healed, but Judge is making progress each day. He acknowledged that there is no set date for his return, but he emphasized that he and the team are progressing well and getting closer to his comeback.

The Yankees’ manager, Aaron Boone, is optimistic about Judge’s progress, particularly in terms of hitting and running. Boone mentioned that Judge has been running this week, but they are still working on building his ability to stop, start, and cut with ease. On the hitting front, Boone is pleased with Judge’s performance.

As for a potential Minor League rehab assignment for Judge, Boone stated that there haven’t been any discussions yet. The main focus is on getting Judge ready to play in a game, and decisions regarding a potential rehab assignment will be made at that point. Ultimately, Judge’s game endurance and stamina will be crucial factors in determining his readiness.

With no concrete timetable for Judge’s return, the Yankees are facing the challenge of righting their struggling lineup without their star player. They are hoping that the hitter-friendly Coors Field will provide a much-needed boost to their offensive production.

In the meantime, Judge will continue to support his team from the dugout while waiting for the moment when he can step back onto the field. It’s possible that he won’t be at full strength when he returns, and he has even mentioned the possibility of off-season surgery for his toe. However, even a less-than-100-percent Judge would significantly bolster the Yankees’ lineup.

Boone emphasized that Judge will determine when he is ready to play again. While he is pushing himself, Judge understands the importance of listening to his body and making the right decision regarding his return. Whenever Judge is ready, the Yankees will eagerly welcome him back to the lineup.


Aaron Judge continues to make progress in his recovery from a toe injury. He has been participating in various baseball activities, including batting practice, outfield drills, catching, and running. Judge’s injury has not fully healed, and he has not provided a specific timeline for his return. However, both Judge and the Yankees are optimistic about his progress. Boone is pleased with Judge’s hitting and running, and there have been no discussions about a potential Minor League rehab assignment yet. The Yankees are determined to improve their lineup despite not having Judge available. Judge will be patient and make the decision to return when he feels ready.

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