Aaron Rodgers Applauds Bryce Young: Carolina’s Future in Safe Hands

As the Jets and Panthers join forces for joint practices ahead of their upcoming preseason game, the spotlight shines on two quarterbacks at opposite ends of their careers, each taking valuable reps on the field.

In one corner stands Aaron Rodgers, the seasoned Jets quarterback embarking on his 19th NFL season. In the other corner, we find Bryce Young, the fresh-faced rookie Panthers quarterback, who was merely three years old when Aaron Rodgers was drafted by the Packers in 2005.

After Wednesday’s practice session, Aaron Rodgers was approached for his assessment of Young’s performance. He revealed that due to the nature of practice, he hadn’t observed much of the rookie in action until the two-minute drill towards the end. However, Aaron Rodgers’ connection with Panthers wide receiver Adam Thielen and their shared agent has provided him with valuable insights into Young’s capabilities.

“I hold the kid in high regard,” Aaron Rodgers expressed, as reported by ESPN. “Our shared agent has acquainted me with his potential for quite some time. I thoroughly enjoyed watching his college journey. His composure, agility, and throwing technique are commendable. I have a lot of faith in Adam’s judgment. We’ve shared a strong friendship for years, and he speaks glowingly about Bryce. From what I gather, Carolina is in excellent hands.”

Rodgers was also prompted to share any advice he might offer to Young as he embarks on his NFL journey.

“Be kind to yourself,” Rodgers advised. “This is a marathon, not a sprint. It might feel like every snap and practice carries immense weight, but in reality, it’s a gradual process. It’s crucial to maintain your self-assurance and savor every step of the journey while focusing on the little things daily. Fortunately, I sense Bryce possesses a solid mindset, and he’ll navigate the path admirably.”

Rodgers had considerably more time to adapt to the rigors of professional football before assuming the role of the Green Bay starter. However, the Panthers are hopeful that Young will swiftly validate Rodgers’ positive assessment by delivering promising performances from the outset.

The interaction between these two quarterbacks underscores the camaraderie within the NFL and the support veterans like Rodgers offer to young talents like Young. While Rodgers’ journey into the NFL may have had a longer buildup, the Panthers have high expectations for Young, anticipating that he’ll translate potential into performance right from the start.


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