Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi’s Heartfelt Response to Son’s Question about Favorite Thing on Earth

After successfully completing his six-month scientific mission in space, astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi is set to return to Earth in the upcoming weeks.
On August 10th, a clip was posted by the Mohammad Bin Rashid Space Centre on Twitter, where Sultan Al Neyadi was seen having a conversation with his son back on Earth. Their heartwarming conversation has touched many people’s hearts across the world since the video was posted on social media.

In the video, the 42-year-old astronaut’s son first introduced himself by saying, “Hi, my name is Abdulla Sultan Al Neyadi.” He then inquired about his father’s favourite aspect of Earth.
The father affectionately replied, “You are the thing that I love the most on Earth.” Additionally, the father mentioned that if his son had asked about his favourite aspect of space, he would have said he enjoys the microgravity environment, allowing him to experience moments like– floating upside down due to the absence of gravity.

He further expressed that he would share more of these experiences as he continues his time in Space.

The video left netizens teary-eyed, leading them to shower the comments section with praises for the father-son duo. “His Dad understood what he meant, so he answered about what he likes the most about both Earth and Space,” a user commented on the platform. Another user wrote, “Adorable and so cute, Mashallah!!”

Sultan Al Neyadi engaged in a live conversation with space enthusiasts and heads of state from his space station. According to The National Newspaper, Sultan Al Neyadi is a father of six and participated in the final “A Call from Space” event in Umm Al Quwain.

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