Attention UAE Businesses: Don’t Miss the June 30th Deadline to Avoid Corporate Tax Penalties!

Calling all businesses in the UAE! The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has a crucial reminder for companies subject to the new Corporate Tax. There’s a deadline approaching to register for Corporate Tax, and missing it could mean a hefty fine.

Who Needs to Register by June 30th, 2024?

This deadline specifically applies to Resident Juridical Persons who are subject to Corporate Tax and have business licenses issued in March or April, regardless of the year.

What are Resident Juridical Persons?

In simpler terms, this refers to businesses that are legally registered and operating within the UAE. This could include companies with limited liability, partnerships, or even branches of foreign companies.

UAE CorporateTax Registration application according to the following timelines:

Date of Licence issuance (any earliest issued)Deadline for submitting a Tax Registration application
1-31 January and 1-28/29 February31 May 2024
1-31 March and 1-30 April30 June 2024
1-31 May31 July 2024
1-30 June31 August 2024
1-31 July30 September 2024
1-31 August and 1-30 September31 October 2024
1-31 October and 1-30 November30 November 2024
1-31 December31 December 2024
Where a person does not have a Licence at the effective date of this Decision3 months from the effective date of this Decision (i.e. 1 March 2024)

What Happens if I Miss the Deadline?

The FTA has made it clear – failing to register for Corporate Tax by June 30th, 2024 will result in an administrative penalty of AED 10,000 (around $2,722 USD).

How Can I Register for Corporate Tax?

The FTA provides an online portal for businesses to register for Corporate Tax. You can find all the details and instructions on the FTA website

Why is Corporate Tax Registration Important?

Registering for Corporate Tax is not just about avoiding penalties. It ensures you comply with the UAE’s new tax regulations and allows you to file your tax returns accurately and on time.

If you’re a business operating in the UAE, especially one that received a license in March or April, make sure to register for Corporate Tax by June 30th, 2024. Don’t risk the penalty – head over to the FTA website and get registered today!

If you’re a business in the UAE scrambling to meet the June 30th deadline for Corporate Tax registration, you’re not alone. Many companies are seeking help to navigate this new process. MEP Global offers a UAE Corporate Tax Registration Service. Their service can help you register quickly and efficiently, ensuring you avoid any potential penalties from the FTA. With many businesses already utilizing their services, MEP Global could be a valuable resource to ensure smooth and timely registration.

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