Demand for UAE Visa Change by Bus Leads to Week-Long Waiting Times

Travel agents reveal that changing UAE visit visas by bus to Oman is in high demand, causing week-long waiting times for available tickets. Discover the challenges faced by visitors seeking visa changes and the implications for travel plans.

As the option to change UAE visit visas by traveling to Oman by bus gains popularity, travel agents are witnessing an overwhelming surge in demand, resulting in extensive waiting periods for available tickets. Agents have reported that the earliest available ticket for the service is now a week away.

Visitors who seek to change their visas through this method are advised to plan well in advance, considering the scarcity of tickets and the burgeoning interest in the option.

“Every day we receive numerous phone calls for visa changes, and a significant portion of these inquiries is from individuals wanting to travel by bus. Bus travel is viewed as more cost-effective, and the journey itself offers passengers engagement,” stated Shaikh Abdulla, visa in-charge at Al Jazeera Travels.

To secure bus service for visa alteration, individuals are recommended to make reservations at least nine days prior to their intended travel date, ensuring a smoother process and availability of tickets.

Al Khanjari Transport, situated near Danata in Deira, stands as the sole road service provider between Dubai and Muscat. We reached out to the service provider’s office and learned that the next available bus ticket to Muscat falls on a night bus scheduled for August 29. The operator informed us, “Buses are operating at full capacity until August 28. I can issue a ticket for the August 29 bus, which is filling up rapidly.”

The service provider conducts three daily round trips between Dubai and Muscat, departing at 9 am, 3 pm, and 9 pm, with a ticket cost of Dh100 per passenger.

Numerous passengers have been observed queuing at Al Khanjari Transport in pursuit of a ticket. However, a significant portion of these hopeful travelers has been left disappointed, unable to secure a ticket for their desired travel date. Abdul Hameed, who needed a ticket for August 26 for a visa change as his visa was set to expire on August 27, shared his experience. He expressed his choice to alter his visa by air travel due to the absence of bus tickets, despite the additional cost. “I will have to spend an extra Dh500 as I opt for flying in and out. Remarkably, the total duration of both journeys is quite comparable,” said Hameed.

Ramesh Muliyakkal, a resident of Sohar in Oman, expressed frustration over his inability to secure a bus ticket for his return journey. He shared his routine of traveling to Dubai every six months for business purposes and mentioned that securing a ticket just two days prior to his travel date used to suffice. However, the current unavailability of seats poses a challenge, compelling him to opt for a flight back to Oman. Muliyakkal, who manages a perfume store in Oman, emphasized the shift in his travel plans due to these circumstances.

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