Qatar Explores Collaboration for New Chemical Plant in Algeria

Qatar is engaged in discussions to establish a new chemical plant in Algeria, with a prospective partnership involving the state-owned Sonatrach, as reported by Elkhabar Daily.

The envisioned collaboration between Qatar’s Power International Holding and Algeria’s Sonatrach aims to oversee the construction of a petrochemical complex dedicated to producing essential raw materials, including Butene and Polybutene.

In a recent development, Algeria’s Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, welcomed a Qatari delegation, which included Ambassador Abdul Aziz Ali Al-Nama, in the Algerian capital. The discussions revolved around potential avenues for cooperation.

“Sonatrach is prepared to collaborate with Power International to realize this project, which aligns with Algeria’s strategic objectives for industrial development,” stated Mohammed Arkab, Algeria’s Energy Minister, in an interview with Elkhabar Daily.

Algeria’s recent implementation of new hydrocarbon laws serves as a catalyst for attracting investors and fostering growth in finding, processing, and establishing a robust energy ecosystem. These efforts are geared towards driving Algeria’s economic expansion and job creation.

A subsequent meeting in September is anticipated to further delve into discussions with Sonatrach regarding the project’s finer details. The Qatari ambassador expressed enthusiasm for the collaborative spirit between the two nations and the eagerness of Qatari enterprises to invest in significant ventures within Algeria. This includes involvement in research, exploration, manufacturing, and petrochemical industries.

Aligning with Algeria’s Petrochemical Strategy

Sonatrach has intensified its focus on the petrochemical sector, overseeing assets that employ around 3,000 individuals and generate annual revenue of nearly $2 billion. This strategic emphasis enables the valorization of hydrocarbons and addresses domestic demand for petrochemical products, leading to decreased import expenditures, job creation, and the emergence of small and medium-sized enterprises across various petrochemical segments.

Sonatrach’s ventures in petrochemicals have yielded the development of new facilities through partnerships, including collaborations with entities such as Total Energies, Turkey, and a British-Chinese consortium. This push towards petrochemical expansion aligns with Algeria’s commitment to fostering a self-sustaining energy ecosystem while stimulating economic growth.

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