Colin Cowherd Show’s Baffling Blunder Involving Dwayne Haskins

Errors happen, but examining how they occur and their aftermath can be intriguing. On Tuesday, the Colin Cowherd Show experienced a glaring mistake—one that highlights the challenges of live broadcasting and content creation.

Colin Cowherd, known for his provocative takes and occasional contradictions, delved into a discussion about quarterbacks drafted in the first round over the past decade who are unable to win a Super Bowl. However, something went awry in the execution. A graphic was displayed that featured an extensive list of quarterbacks, including retired players like EJ Manuel and even the deceased Dwayne Haskins.

What compounded the error was Cowherd’s commentary. As he read through the names on the graphic, he specifically mentioned “Dwayne Haskins” without acknowledging the graphic’s inaccuracy. It was only later that he pointed out the graphic’s more glaring mistake regarding the use of “CAN” instead of “CAN’T” when discussing winning Super Bowls.

This mishap sparked swift reactions on social media, with the @BackAftaThis account suggesting that Cowherd’s aversion to discussing death on the show might have contributed to his unawareness of who has passed away. However, it’s important to note that the mistake wasn’t solely Cowherd’s; various individuals involved in producing the show were responsible for the graphic and its content.

Following the incident, efforts were made to rectify the situation. Notably, the hour-three repeat of the hour-one segment omitted the reference to Haskins from the audio, indicating an awareness of the blunder. Yet, there hasn’t been an official acknowledgment of the mistake from Cowherd or the show.

Colin Cowherd has shown resilience in the face of errors before, much like a cover corner who gets burned but keeps moving forward. While he may thrive on attention, the lack of acknowledgment leaves room for speculation about his stance on the criticism.

Mistakes are a part of any industry, and broadcasting is no exception. The incident sheds light on the challenges of live content creation and the importance of transparency when errors occur. As the show continues, it remains to be seen whether Colin Cowherd will address the blunder or simply continue his commentary, unfazed by the misstep.

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