EVOLTICS: Empowering Sustainable Mobility – Electric Vehicle Charging Platform by Najhum Technologies

A Future-Ready Solution for Aspiring Charge Point Operators

In the dynamic landscape of sustainable technology, Najhum Technologies, a visionary startup based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has introduced a groundbreaking Electric Vehicle(EV) charging platform called EVOLTICS. Alongside their innovative EV charging product, Najhum Technologies is involved in IoT solutions with their brand IoTRICs. This article will focus on the remarkable features and benefits of EVOLTICS, a cutting-edge solution empowering entrepreneurs to embrace sustainable mobility without heavy investments in in-house technical teams and facilities.

Driving Sustainable Innovation with EVOLTICS:

EVOLTICS is Najhum Technologies‘ state-of-the-art EV charging platform, designed to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry. This future-ready solution enables charge point operators (CPOs) to establish and manage their EV charging networks seamlessly, catering to the growing demand for sustainable mobility.

Key Features of EVOLTICS:

1.White Labelled Software: EVOLTICS offers CPOs the option of a white-labelled software product, allowing them to brand the platform as their own without the need for extensive in-house development.

2.User-Friendly Interface: The platform boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for EV drivers to access and utilize the charging stations effortlessly.

3. Seamless Integration: EVOLTICS is designed for interoperability, ensuring smooth integration with various EV charging station models and hardware. Evoltics is brand agnostic and hence any brand of charger can be integrated.

4. Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Charge point operators can access comprehensive reports and analytics to gain valuable insights into charging sessions, energy consumption, and user behavior.

5. Secure Payment Processing: EVOLTICS mobile app provides secure and efficient payment processing options, enhancing the user experience.

6. QR Code Authentication: EV drivers can use QR code-based authentication for convenient and secure access to charging stations.

7. API Communication: EVOLTICS supports API communication, enabling seamless data exchange with other systems and applications.

Empowering Aspiring Charge Point Operators (CPOs):

With EVOLTICS, Najhum Technologies empowers aspiring CPOs to enter the sustainable mobility market without the burden of extensive investments in technical expertise and infrastructure. By offering a white-labelled software product, Najhum Technologies allows CPOs to brand the platform as their own and focus on building their charging network and providing a top-notch charging experience for EV drivers.

Embrace the EV Charging Revolution:

In the quest for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future, EVOLTICS is paving the way for a thriving EV charging ecosystem. With Najhum’s vision and commitment to sustainable innovation, EVOLTICS stands as a testament to their dedication to driving positive change in the sustainable technology landscape.

About Najhum Technologies:

Najhum Technologies, led by CEO Wisam Mahmood, is a leading provider of innovative solutions in sustainable technology. With EVOLTICS as their flagship EV charging platform and IoTRICs in IoT solutions, the company is committed to driving sustainable innovation and empowering businesses to embrace a greener future.

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