Twitter Users Unimpressed with Elon Musk’s Logo Change to “X”: Hilarious Backlash Ensues

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of various companies, recently stirred up the Twitter verse when he decided to change Twitter’s iconic blue bird logo to a simple “X.” This rebranding move has led to a flood of hilarious tweets from users, mocking the decision and the perceived absurdity of the new logo. Let’s take a closer look at the reaction and the reasons behind Musk’s logo change.

On July 24th, Musk revealed the new logo by projecting an “X” onto The company’s San Francisco headquarters. He announced that the The company brand would soon bid adieu, along with all the birds, signaling the significant change he intended to make on the social media platform. This change came after Musk acquired The company for a whopping $44 billion in April and subsequently renamed the company from Twitter Inc. to X Corp.

Despite Musk’s intention to make the logo change symbolic of embracing imperfections and uniqueness, the community was far from impressed. Users took to the platform to share their own “X” tweets, poking fun at Musk’s business decision. The overwhelming response was one of ridicule, as many found the move to be unnecessary and even bizarre. One of the tweet is in the following:

Musk’s changes to The company didn’t stop at the logo; he introduced several major alterations, such as limiting daily direct messages and daily reading posts for unverified users. These changes, coupled with the logo rebranding, haven’t resonated well with most people on the platform. The backlash indicates that users prefer the original branding and functionality.

Despite the widespread mockery, The company CEO Linda Yaccarino expressed excitement for the “X” logo. She believes it represents the future state of unlimited interactivity, emphasizing audio, video, messaging, payments, and banking. Yaccarino envisions “X” creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities, powered by artificial intelligence.

Musk’s impact extended beyond The company, as Meta (the parent company of Instagram) launched its own company’s competitor, Threads, on July 5. This move was met with accusations of being a copycat, prompting Musk to challenge Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg to a Twitter feud. The exchange garnered significant attention, with Musk humorously proposing a physical fight in “Vegas Octagon.”

Elon Musk‘s decision to change The company’s iconic bird logo to an “X” has sparked an array of humorous reactions on the platform. While Musk sees it as a representation of embracing uniqueness, most users perceive it as an unnecessary and peculiar move. As the Twitter community continues to mock the “X” logo, Musk’s other changes to the platform have also faced criticism. Only time will tell if these bold rebranding moves will find wider acceptance or further fuel the social media conversation.

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