Elon Musk’s X Continues to Evolve with New Features and Changes

Since Elon Musk acquired X in October 2023, the platform has undergone a number of changes, with new features being added and existing features being modified.

Headlines Return to URL Previews

In a reversal of a previous decision, Musk announced that headlines will once again be displayed alongside URL previews in X posts. The change was made in response to user feedback, with many users finding it difficult to contextualize shared links without the accompanying headlines.

New Editing Tools

X has introduced a number of new editing tools, including the ability to undo and redo actions, schedule tweets for later publication, and add alt text to images. These tools are designed to give users more control over their content and make the platform more user-friendly.

More Transparency in Content Moderation

X has taken steps to increase transparency in its content moderation processes. The company has published new guidelines for content moderation, and it has also created an appeals process for users who believe their content has been removed in error.

Verification Process Overhaul

X has announced a major overhaul of its verification process. The new process will be more transparent and consistent, and it will focus on verifying accounts that are of public interest.

Increased Focus on Monetization

Musk has stated that he wants to make X more profitable, and he has introduced a number of changes aimed at achieving this goal. These changes include the introduction of paid subscriptions, the expansion of advertising options, and the launch of a new tipping feature.

Elon Musk Reverses Decision, X to Show Headlines on Platform Again

In a recent tweet, Elon Musk announced that X will once again display headlines alongside URL previews in X posts. This change comes after Musk had previously removed headlines from URL previews in October 2023, saying that it would “greatly improve” the site’s aesthetics.

However, following user feedback, Musk has decided to reinstate headlines. In his tweet, Musk said, “In an upcoming release, X will overlay title in the upper portion of the image of a URL card.” He added, “The title will be in the image overlaid at the top, with URL overlaid at the bottom, as it is now — no extra vertical pixels used.”


The decision to bring back headlines has been met with positive reactions from many X users. Some users have expressed their relief that headlines are back, while others have welcomed the change as a sign that Musk is listening to user feedback.

However, some users have criticized the decision, arguing that it will make it easier to spread misinformation. They argue that users will be more likely to click on links without reading the headlines and that this could lead to them being exposed to false or misleading information.

Overall, the decision to bring back headlines is a positive one for X. It will make the platform more user-friendly and help to reduce the spread of misinformation.

Additional Information

  • X is under a lot of change right now, and it remains to be seen what the future holds for the platform.
  • Musk’s decision to bring back headlines is a sign that he is listening to user feedback.
  • The changes to X have been met with mixed reactions, but the overall trend is positive.


X is a rapidly evolving platform, and it is clear that Musk is committed to making it a success. The company’s new features and changes are designed to make X more user-friendly and more profitable. Only time will tell whether these efforts will be successful, but the future of X looks bright.

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