Emirates Brews Excellence: A Coffee Connoisseur’s Delight

In celebration of International Coffee Day on October 1st, Emirates, the renowned airline famous for its exceptional in-flight service, is putting the spotlight on its world-class coffee offerings. As the airline that flies to 140 destinations globally, Emirates takes its coffee seriously, serving up more than 17 tonnes of this aromatic elixir on board its flights every year. Whether you’re a casual coffee sipper or a die-hard coffee aficionado, Emirates has something to awaken your senses.

A Global Blend of Coffee Expertise

Emirates partners with a diverse range of coffee suppliers to ensure passengers experience the finest brews in the sky. Among its esteemed collaborators are Lavazza, Coffee Planet, the Nairobi Coffee and Tea Company, and several independent suppliers from around the world. The result is a coffee menu that caters to all tastes and preferences.

In Economy and Premium Economy, passengers are treated to a cup of coffee once or twice during their flight. Business and First-class passengers, on the other hand, have the privilege of ordering coffee from a menu on demand. The options are a coffee connoisseur’s dream: decaffeinated coffee, cappuccino, iced Americano, espresso, macchiato, and even Arabic coffee infused with cardamom and saffron. These delectable brews are crafted from Lavazza beans, known for their delightful notes of walnut and maple syrup or hints of cocoa and black pepper. And for those seeking extra indulgence, an affogato al café dessert awaits, where velvety espresso is poured over creamy ice cream.

A Decade of Collaboration: Coffee Planet and Emirates

Emirates has enjoyed a special partnership with UAE-based Coffee Planet for over a decade, creating bespoke coffee blends for special occasions. Sourcing green coffee beans from over 23 countries, Coffee Planet carefully roasts and produces coffee beans and ground coffee. Notably, they manufacture bio-degradable coffee capsules right in Dubai. Collaborating with Coffee Planet, Emirates introduces unique seasonal drinks for occasions like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, such as the rose-kissed mocha or the delightful orange crush latte.

Lavazza for the Discerning Palate

For passengers in First and Business Class, Emirates exclusively partners with the iconic Italian coffee brand Lavazza. Lavazza, founded in 1895 in Turin, Italy, continues its legacy as a family-run business, with its rich coffee tradition extending through generations.

In Emirates’ First Class lounge at Concourse B, Dubai International Airport, coffee enthusiasts are in for a treat. Here, a dedicated coffee counter offers a selection of three single-blend origin coffees, freshly prepared by skilled baristas. Each coffee presents a unique aroma, acidity, and bitterness. Emirates’ team has undergone specialized training to recommend the perfect coffee based on each passenger’s preferences. The coffee selection rotates every two months, allowing frequent travelers to savor beans from coffee-growing regions worldwide. For instance, the Colombia Huila Buenavista is a juicy and silky-bodied coffee with hints of apricot, grapes, blackberry, grapefruit, and a sweet cacao nib-like finish. The Burundi Nyagishiru offers a mild fruity aroma with notes of milk chocolate, brown spice, caramel, stone fruit, and a tart acidity with a velvety texture. Meanwhile, the Brazil Sao Vale Do Sol presents a medium-bodied coffee with aromas of grapefruit, vanilla, almond, chocolate, and a clean finish.

Costa Coffee: A Leisurely Sip

Costa Coffee, an Emirates Leisure Retail company, is also featured in the First and business-class lounges. Here, passengers can enjoy a wide range of coffee options along with complementary delectable treats.

Cabin Crew as Coffee Connoisseurs

Emirates’ dedication to coffee extends to its cabin crew, who receive specialized coffee training. During these training sessions, cabin crew members delve into the origins of coffee, explore various blends, and perfect the art of brewing the perfect cup for every passenger. Crew members are assessed on their ability to prepare and serve Emirates’ signature Arabic coffee. First Class passengers have the privilege of savoring their coffee in a choice of Royal Doulton fine bone mugs or cups, while Business Class passengers sip from fine bone china mugs. The quality of water used is also carefully considered, with regular monitoring and maintenance of water tanks and supply lines to ensure a consistently excellent brew.

A Rich History Brewed to Perfection

The journey of coffee can be traced back to the ancient coffee forests of Ethiopia, where legend has it that a goat herder discovered the invigorating effects of coffee beans. By the 15th century, coffee had made its way to the Arabian Peninsula, becoming an integral part of the culture. The Middle East saw the world’s first coffeehouses, leading to coffee’s global expansion to Europe and beyond. Today, coffee is a cultural phenomenon and a beloved beverage worldwide, making it an integral part of the Emirates experience.

For coffee enthusiasts and casual sippers alike, Emirates’ dedication to serving the finest coffees ensures that passengers can savor every sip, making their journey as enjoyable as the destination. So, the next time you’re on an Emirates flight, don’t forget to savor a cup of their expertly crafted coffee – it’s a journey within a journey for your taste buds!

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