Emirati Start-Up Unveils Revolutionary E-Motorcycle in Sharjah

In a groundbreaking development for the UAE’s sustainable transportation sector, the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park (SRTIP) has launched the Sulmi EB-ONE, a cutting-edge electric motorcycle, making it the first market-ready product from SRTIP’s state-of-the-art makerspace, SoiLAB. The debut of the EB-ONE marks a significant milestone for the country’s clean energy goals ahead of COP28 in Dubai in December. This revolutionary e-motorcycle has the potential to reshape the motorbike market both in the UAE and beyond, offering innovative clean-energy solutions for personal and delivery vehicles. The launch also presents lucrative investment opportunities, aligning with the COP28 conference’s aims to promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.

In a historic moment for the UAE‘s sustainable transportation and mobility sector, Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park (SRTIP) unveiled the highly-anticipated Sulmi EB-ONE, an innovative electric motorcycle that represents the first market-ready product to emerge from SRTIP’s SoiLAB facility. This state-of-the-art makerspace is the largest of its kind in the region and reflects the UAE’s commitment to pioneering clean energy solutions. The launch of the EB-ONE represents a significant step towards achieving the country’s clean energy goals, particularly in the lead-up to COP28, the upcoming climate conference scheduled to take place in Dubai in December.

The Sulmi EB-ONE has the potential to revolutionize the motorcycle market in the UAE and beyond. As an innovative and efficient electric motorcycle, it addresses the pressing need for environmentally-friendly solutions in the transportation sector. With its clean-energy technology, the EB-ONE not only offers an eco-friendly mode of personal transportation but also presents an attractive option for last-mile delivery vehicles, contributing to the UAE’s efforts to promote sustainable practices in logistics and transportation.

The launch of Sulmi’s EB-ONE aligns perfectly with the UAE’s vision to reduce carbon emissions and embrace clean energy alternatives. By introducing advanced electric motorcycles to the market, the country demonstrates its commitment to sustainable economic growth and a greener future. As COP28 approaches, the spotlight on the UAE’s clean energy initiatives intensifies, making the EB-ONE’s unveiling all the more significant.

Sheikha Bodour, an influential figure in the UAE’s innovation landscape, highlighted the importance of supporting local start-ups like Sulmi. She emphasized that these homegrown ventures play a crucial role in shaping the future of clean technology, green businesses, and sustainable economic growth. The launch of the EB-ONE is not just a milestone for the electric motorcycle industry but also a testament to the UAE’s commitment to empowering its entrepreneurs and fostering a culture of innovation.

The CEO of SRTIP, Hussain Al Mahmoudi, expressed pride in the launch of the Sulmi EB-ONE, which emerged from the Open Innovation Labs (SoiLAB). This achievement not only aligns with the UAE’s mission to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector but also underscores the significance of the “Made in the UAE” campaign. Witnessing the realization of an Emirati-designed and locally-built concept is a moment of immense pride for all involved in this pioneering endeavor.

The unveiling of the Sulmi EB-ONE electric motorcycle marks a remarkable achievement for the UAE’s sustainable transportation and mobility sector. As a significant contribution towards clean energy goals, the EB-ONE presents new possibilities for personal and delivery vehicles, shaping the future of the motorcycle market in the region and beyond. Supported by SRTIP’s commitment to driving innovation and empowering local start-ups, the EB-ONE exemplifies the UAE‘s vision for a greener and sustainable future. With COP28 approaching, this revolutionary e-motorcycle launch takes center stage in the country’s mission to promote sustainability, reduce carbon emissions, and embrace clean energy solutions.

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