Facebook Unveils AI-Powered Advertising Tools for the Upcoming Holiday Season

In preparation for what is expected to be the first AI-powered holiday season for marketers, Facebook is introducing new advertising tools designed to help businesses find customers and boost sales. These tools aim to provide advertisers with greater control over their campaigns and expand access to features that encourage purchases on both Facebook and Instagram, all while leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to drive better results.

  • Budget Scheduling for Ad Campaigns: To assist advertisers in optimizing their budgets during high-traffic periods or promotional events, Facebook is launching budget scheduling for ad campaigns. This feature allows advertisers to automatically increase their daily budgets during specific times to maximize sales opportunities. Once the promotional period ends, the budget will revert to its initial daily setting. This feature will be available for both manual campaigns and automated campaigns like Advantage+ shopping campaigns starting in early Q4 2023.
  • Audience Bid Multipliers: Facebook is enhancing its AI-powered Advantage+ shopping campaigns by enabling advertisers to specify how they value particular audiences. Advertisers can increase their bids when targeting specific audiences within these campaigns. This customization feature empowers marketers to connect with their most relevant audiences more effectively.
  • Expansion of Promotional Ads: Promotional ads, designed to simplify the process of finding and applying promo codes, will be accessible to a broader range of advertisers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia during the holiday season. By making it easier for consumers to use promo codes, businesses aim to drive better conversion rates and encourage purchases by offering attractive discounts or promotions.
  • Reminder Ads Enhancement: Reminder ads, which help build awareness and anticipation for brand events such as seasonal sales or product launches, will receive an upgrade. Advertisers will be able to upload creative materials in Ads Manager, streamlining the process of creating Reminder ads. Additionally, Stories will be introduced as a placement option for Reminder ads, enhancing their visibility on Instagram.
  • Shops Ads Integration: Facebook aims to simplify the process of setting up Facebook or Instagram Shops and using Shops ads. The company is testing new integrations with e-commerce platforms such as Adobe Commerce, Magento Open Source, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. These integrations will enable more businesses to offer in-app purchasing experiences, making it easier for consumers to make direct purchases after seeing an ad.

As the holiday season approaches, these new advertising tools, in conjunction with Facebook’s AI-powered Advantage suite, promise to empower businesses to achieve incremental performance gains and drive profitable growth.

For further information and updates, please visit Facebook‘s business solutions page.

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