High Incidence of Traffic Accident Fatalities and Injuries on Weekends in UAE


Cars move at a slow pace during rush hour traffic in UAE.

The UAE continues its successful drive through which it aims to reduce the number of deaths on the roads. The Ministry of the Interior shared the road safety statistics for the year 2022, which stated that the number of road deaths was 343, a decrease of less than 10% compared to what it was in 2021 (381 deaths).

Road users cannot let their guard down on weekends, as most deaths and injuries in traffic accidents occur on Saturdays and Sundays, with a rate of 16%, respectively, while January and March are the most dangerous months in terms of traffic accidents.

The general trend observed over the long term is also remarkable. The UAE announced that the number of deaths due to traffic accidents exceeded 1,000 (1,072) in 2008, which means that the number of victims has decreased to less than 68% over the past 13 years.

Commenting on the results, Thomas Edelmann, Managing Director of RoadSafetyUAE, said: “We are grateful to the Ministry of Interior for issuing the 2022 road safety statistics in such detail. The number of deaths is the strongest indicator of progress in road safety, and since this number is declining, this reflects, of course, good news for the UAE. However, the increasing rate of traffic accidents and injuries is alarming, which confirms the need for continuous focus to maintain road safety.”

He added: “The five main violations that account for 65% of the number of deaths (57% of the injured) should be addressed. All relevant stakeholders from the public and private sectors should consider how they can contribute to improving the situation, through awareness campaigns and initiatives. The ideal solution would be for schools and employers to play a vital role when dealing with road users under their influence, and the legal framework and enforcement are likely to be further developed.”

It is necessary to focus in particular on the vulnerable segment of road users of the young age group to develop safe habits and implement them among students in kindergartens and schools. It is possible to review the teaching lessons at driving schools, regulate driving licenses, and monitor techniques for novice drivers.

It seems that the proportion of motorcycles in serious accidents, which is 16%, is relatively high, and in this context, more effort should be made to protect passengers at risk.

In 2022, 5 major violations resulted in 65% of deaths: distracted driving (85 deaths, 25%), sudden swerving (48 deaths, 14%), driving without keeping a safe distance (32 deaths, 9%), driving under the influence of prohibited substances (30 deaths, 9%) and negligence and inattention (29 deaths, 8%).

Other major violations include red light violations (15 deaths, 4%), entering the road without checking if it is clear (14 deaths, 4%), breaches of lane discipline (14 deaths, 4%), and disrespecting road users (14 deaths, 4%).

The number of deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents is distributed Emirate-wise is as follows: Abu Dhabi is reporting 127 fatalities and 1,756 injured; Dubai 120/2,161; Ras Al Khaimah 34/411; Sharjah 33/320; Ajman 13/166; Umm Al Quwain 12/46 and Fujairah 4/185.

The categories of vehicles that caused serious accidents include light vehicles 66%, motorcycles 16%, buses (light and heavy) 7%, and heavy trucks 5%.

Road users of the young age group continue to be a major cause for concern, as motorists under the age of 30 years represent 41% of deaths and 53% of the injured, and the number of deaths for those under 18 reached 19 deaths at a rate of 6%, with 485 injured at a rate of 10%. Between 18 and 30 they were 122 deaths or 36% and 2174 injured or 43%

As for people between 31 and 45 years, the number of deaths reached 134 deaths, or 39%, and 1775 injured, or 35%.

In the age group between 46 and 60, the number of deaths reached 50, or 15%, and 486 injured or 10%. As for those over 60 years, 18 died, at a rate of 5%, and 125 were injured, at a rate of 2%.

The evening or night period is considered one of the most dangerous times on the roads. 37% of the deaths and 40% of the injuries in traffic mishaps occurred in the night, while the morning period witnessed 100 deaths at a rate of 29% and 1,230 injuries at a rate of 24%. The afternoon saw 61 deaths at a rate of 18%, 978 injuries at a rate of 19%, with the evening period representing 127 deaths or 37%, and 2033 injured or 40%.

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