Hungarian Grand Prix Secures F1 Contract Extension until 2032

The Hungarian Grand Prix has secured its place on the prestigious Formula One calendar until at least 2032, thanks to a five-year extension announced on Saturday. This contract extension, starting in 2027, is a result of the significant renovation plans unveiled for the Hungaroring, which include the construction of a new pit building and main grandstand.

Since 1986, Hungary has been a key location in the Formula One world championship, with its circuit situated only 20km away from Budapest. It has become a historical part of the sport, witnessing thrilling races and remarkable moments. A standout competitor at the Hungarian Grand Prix is Lewis Hamilton, the seven-times world champion, who has clinched victory at this circuit a record-breaking eight times.

The anticipation for this weekend’s race is palpable, with an estimated 300,000 ardent Formula One fans expected to grace the event. This number reflects a slight increase from the 290,000 attendees last year, showcasing the growing popularity of this exhilarating sport and its Hungarian race.

Stefano Domenicali, the Chief Executive of Formula One, expressed his delight at the commitment shown by the Hungarian promoter to enhance the race experience for fans. He emphasized the importance of all Formula One events striving to improve their facilities and elevate the overall experience for spectators.

Zsolt Gyulay, the President of Hungaroring, highlighted that the renovations to the circuit are well underway and scheduled to be finalized by 2026. He emphasized the significance of this extension in light of Formula One’s expanding global popularity, which has resulted in more venues than ever before competing for spots on the calendar. The signing of this extension is a remarkable achievement for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Formula One fans can now celebrate with the knowledge that the Hungarian Grand Prix will be a feature in the racing calendar for over a decade to come. The extension until 2032 ensures that motorsport enthusiasts can continue to witness the thrilling races and unforgettable moments that have become synonymous with Hungaroring.

The decision to extend the contract was driven by ambitious plans to revamp the circuit’s infrastructure. One of the most significant improvements is the construction of a new pit building. This addition will not only enhance the safety and efficiency of pit stops but also improve the overall experience of teams and spectators alike.

The refurbishment project also includes the construction of a main grandstand that promises a fantastic view of the circuit. As fans eagerly anticipate the roaring engines and high-speed maneuvers, they will now have a comfortable and modern seating area to fully immerse themselves in the electrifying atmosphere.

Since its debut in 1986, the Hungarian Grand Prix has solidified its place in Formula One history. Its proximity to the vibrant city of Budapest adds a unique charm to the event, attracting both motorsport enthusiasts and tourists alike. The circuit’s challenging layout, characterized by tight twists and fast straights, has produced memorable battles and nail-biting finishes throughout the years.

One driver who has consistently shined at the Hungarian Grand Prix is Lewis Hamilton. The British superstar has displayed his exceptional skills on this circuit, clinching an impressive eight victories. His mastery of the challenging track has made him a fan favorite, and spectators eagerly anticipate his performances at every Hungarian Grand Prix.

The growth in popularity of the Hungarian Grand Prix is evident through the increasing number of attendees each year. This weekend’s race is expected to welcome over 300,000 avid fans, a testament to the captivating nature of Formula One. The event has become not only a thrilling motorsport competition but also a vibrant celebration of speed, skill, and remarkable engineering.

Stefano Domenicali, the F1 Chief Executive, commended the Hungarian promoter’s dedication to continually enhancing the fan experience. He stressed the importance of all Formula One events striving to improve their facilities to provide spectators with unforgettable moments and a world-class experience.

Zsolt Gyulay, the President of Hungaroring, expressed his delight in securing the extension until 2032. As the popularity of Formula One continues to soar globally, being part of the racing calendar is a significant achievement. Gyulay emphasized the ongoing renovations at Hungaroring, which are progressing according to schedule and are set to be completed by 2026. These improvements will contribute to an even more thrilling and captivating experience for fans.

The Hungarian Grand Prix has secured its place in Formula One until at least 2032 with a five-year extension starting from 2027. The announcement comes as part of an ambitious refurbishment project at the Hungaroring, including the construction of a new pit building and main grandstand. This extension signifies the commitment of the Hungarian promoter to enhance the fan experience and solidifies Hungary’s status as a crucial location in the world championship. With Lewis Hamilton’s record-breaking victories and the increasing number of attendees each year, the Hungarian Grand Prix showcases the thrilling nature of Formula One and attracts fans from all corners of the globe.



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