Inside the Twitter Reign of Elon Musk: An Ex-Executive’s Candid Reflections

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, now rebranded to X, brought significant changes to the platform, but it also led to the departure of numerous employees, including Esther Crawford, the former Director of Product Management. In a recent Twitter post, Crawford shared her experiences working with Musk, shedding light on his storytelling prowess and decision-making challenges. This article explores her candid reflections, providing insights into the work culture at company before and after Musk’s arrival.

Before Musk assumed control of the company, there was a sense of anticipation among employees. Many hoped that the new CEO would bring fresh energy and innovation to the company.

Crawford described Musk as oddly charming and genuinely funny, with a penchant for recounting the same stories and jokes repeatedly. However, his rapidly shifting moods, from excitement to anger, created an unpredictable environment.

One of the significant challenges of working with Musk was his decision-making approach. Crawford noted that Musk often relied on his gut instinct rather than data or expertise. This led to frustration for those who believed their valuable insights were being overlooked.

Instead of consulting internal experts, Musk would seek advice from unconventional sources, including polling Twitter users, asking friends, and even his biographer. This led to an atmosphere where employees hesitated to share negative news or be called into meetings.

Crawford highlighted the work culture at the company before Musk’s arrival, mentioning a slow and sometimes inefficient approach to completing tasks. The organization struggled to address poor performers, resulting in a culture that lacked the drive for high performance.

The period leading up to Musk’s acquisition was marked by uncertainty and a lack of clear communication from Twitter’s leadership. Rumors about the company’s sale spread, indicating a lack of confidence in their own plans and abilities.

Esther Crawford’s candid reflections provide valuable insights into Musk’s impact on on the Twitter and the challenges the company faced during his tenure. While his storytelling ability may have been a strength, his decision-making approach posed difficulties for employees. The article sheds light on the complexities of corporate leadership and the significance of fostering a performance-driven culture to unleash an organization’s full potential.

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