MOHRE Takes Strict Action Against 441 Private Establishments for Emiratisation Violations

The MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) cracks down on 441 private establishments for violating Emiratisation decisions, imposing penalties and emphasizing the significance of genuine Emiratisation jobs.

The MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) has issued a stern warning to private establishments in the UAE as it revealed that 441 of them have violated Emiratisation decisions from the second half of 2022 to the present date. Out of these establishments, 436 were fined for false Emiratisation, while five others were found to have circumvented Emiratisation targets.

In response to these violations, the MOHRE has taken decisive actions, including imposing penalties and administrative procedures on the erring establishments. Moreover, they have ceased the financial benefits provided by the Nafis program to UAE nationals who were found to have been falsely employed under the Emiratisation initiative.

These measures align with the recent Cabinet Resolution No. (44) of 2023, which amends provisions related to violations and administrative penalties concerning the initiatives and programs of the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis).

The Ministry has underscored the significance of upholding Emiratisation decisions to achieve its objectives of enhancing the UAE’s human development system, building productive and sustainable Emirati human capital within the private sector, and ensuring active participation from Emiratis in the national economy.

In contrast, the MOHRE commends private sector establishments that have dutifully complied with Emiratisation decisions. They consider these establishments as valuable partners in achieving Emiratisation objectives—a national priority staunchly supported and closely overseen by the UAE’s wise leadership.

In addition to financial penalties, establishments found guilty of Emiratisation violations are downgraded to the lowest category, the third category, within the Ministry’s classification system for private sector establishments. This downgrade entails higher fees for the Ministry’s services compared to those paid by establishments in the first and second categories.

For severe violations, the Ministry refers establishments to Public Prosecution for legal action and cancels work permits of UAE nationals who were falsely appointed. Moreover, violating establishments are directed to pay financial contributions towards meeting Emiratisation targets.

MOHRE urges UAE nationals not to accept false Emiratisation jobs, emphasizing that the financial support allocated by Nafis aims to empower Emiratis with authentic employment opportunities, enabling them to actively contribute to the UAE’s development across diverse sectors.

The Ministry extends a call to Emiratis working in the private sector and the general public to report any violations related to Emiratisation decisions. Reports can be lodged through MOHRE’s channels, including contacting the call center at 600590000 or using the Ministry’s smart application.

In conclusion, MOHRE‘s firm stance against Emiratisation violations sends a clear message to private establishments that adherence to Emiratisation decisions is non-negotiable. By penalizing violators and emphasizing the importance of genuine Emiratisation jobs, the UAE aims to create a workforce that actively contributes to the nation’s growth and development. As the UAE continues to prioritize Emiratisation as a national priority, it reinforces its commitment to building a sustainable and diverse economy that thrives on the strengths and capabilities of its citizens.

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