NAC Announces Regular Flights to Dammam, Saudi Arabia Starting September 6

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), the flagship carrier of the nation, is set to commence regular flights to Dammam in Saudi Arabia from September 6. Ticket bookings for flights to Dammam have already been made available by NAC from August 19, marking a significant step in enhancing air connectivity between Nepal and Saudi Arabia.

According to Ramesh Paudel, the spokesperson of the corporation, NAC is all geared up to establish itself as a reliable option for travelers between the two destinations. With Dammam being chosen as the 13th international destination, NAC’s commitment to expanding its global reach is evident. As of today, interested passengers can begin booking their tickets for the upcoming flights.

The direct flights on the Kathmandu-Dammam-Kathmandu route are scheduled to commence on September 6. During the initial phase of operations, NAC will offer direct flights twice a week, specifically on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The flight frequency is expected to be extended based on demand and passenger preferences, ensuring increased accessibility and convenience.

Saudi Arabia stands as a prominent employment hub for countless Nepali workers seeking job opportunities abroad. The decision to introduce regular flights to Dammam not only addresses the demand for efficient travel options between the two countries but also caters to the significant number of Nepali individuals who travel to Saudi Arabia for employment.

The strategic move by Nepal Airlines Corporation comes as a response to the growing demand for improved air connectivity to key destinations, fostering economic and cultural ties. By initiating regular flights to Dammam, NAC aims to facilitate seamless travel experiences for both Nepali travelers and Saudi-bound passengers.

This step aligns with NAC’s broader vision of expanding its global network and contributing to the strengthening of international relations. As the airline gears up for the launch of its direct flights to Dammam, it underscores the commitment to offering reliable and efficient air travel services that cater to the needs of the passengers.

The establishment of direct flights to Dammam not only enhances travel options but also serves as a testament to the significant role that NAC plays in connecting people, cultures, and economies. The expansion of NAC’s reach to Saudi Arabia reaffirms its status as a key player in the aviation sector, contributing to the growth and accessibility of air travel for both leisure and business purposes.

As the preferred choice for Nepali travelers seeking to explore new horizons and opportunities, Nepal Airlines Corporation’s decision to operate regular flights to Dammam sets the stage for increased connectivity and collaboration between Nepal and Saudi Arabia. With the inaugural flight scheduled for September 6, travelers can look forward to a seamless and efficient travel experience, fostering closer ties between the two nations.

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