New Taxi Fare Structure Announced in Ajman as Fuel Costs Surge

In response to the latest fuel price adjustments, the Ajman Transport Authority has introduced revised taxi fares in the emirate. As of the most recent announcement on Thursday, the new cab fare stands at Dh1.90 per kilometer for the current month, representing a 6-fil increase from the previous rate of Dh1.84 in August.

This fare adjustment is occurring in the context of the continuing upward trend in fuel prices, marking the third consecutive month of increases. Notably, Super 98 petrol now commands Dh3.42 per liter, compared to Dh3.14 in August. Similarly, the price of Special 95 has risen from Dh3.02 to Dh3.31, and E-Plus 91 is now priced at Dh3.23, reflecting a substantial increase of 9.5 percent or 28 fils more.

It’s worth highlighting that despite these price hikes, local taxi rates in Ajman remain notably more affordable, with fares being approximately one-third lower than the global average.

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