NHRI’s Active Participation in the International Conference on ‘The Right to a Healthy Environment’

The National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) delegation, led by Maqsoud Kruse, Chairperson of NHRI, enthusiastically participated in the international conference on “The Right to a Healthy Environment” held in Bahrain on September 6th, 2023.

This significant conference, meticulously organized by the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) in Bahrain, witnessed extensive regional and international participation. The central theme of the event was “The Impact of Human Activity on the Right to a Healthy and Clean Environment: Practices, Challenges, and Solutions.”

The conference unfolded through four informative sessions, each delving into the intricacies of legislation and general concepts associated with the right to a healthy environment and human rights. It also cast a spotlight on the commendable efforts of national human rights institutions in advancing environmental rights and underscored the pivotal role of official entities in safeguarding this fundamental right. Furthermore, deliberations revolved around human activities, providing innovative solutions and recommendations to safeguard biodiversity and bolster environmental rights.

Throughout the conference, the critical significance of preserving a healthy and clean environment was continually emphasized. It sought to elevate awareness concerning the profound impact of human activities on human rights linked to the environment. A resounding call was made for a human rights-based approach to preempt and mitigate negative environmental consequences. Moreover, the event offered invaluable insights by delving into the experiences of national institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and countries, all united in their dedication to the protection of environmental rights. It tackled current practices and challenges associated with preserving the right to a conducive environment while proposing innovative solutions in this regard.

The distinguished NHRI delegation comprised several eminent members, each contributing their expertise to the discourse. Fatima Al Kaabi, Deputy Chairperson, played a vital role, as did Dr. Ahmed Al Mansoori, who leads the Promotion of Human Rights Culture Committee. Ameirah Al Seraidi, Head of the Economic, Social, Cultural, and Environmental Rights Committee, brought her extensive knowledge to the table. Dr. Zayed Al Shamsi, Head of the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee, shared valuable insights. Amro Al Qahtani, Manager of the Chairperson’s Office, and Fajr Al Haidan, Head of the Executive Affairs Section at the Chairperson’s Office, played pivotal roles in facilitating the delegation’s participation.

Not to be overlooked, Abdulaziz Alawbathani, Head of the International and Regional Organisations Department, made a significant contribution, as did Fatima Al Hosni, Head of the International Relations and Communications Department, who played a key role in ensuring effective communication and collaboration with international partners.

In summary, the NHRI‘s active and thoughtful participation in the international conference on “The Right to a Healthy Environment” in Bahrain exemplifies their unwavering commitment to advancing environmental rights and human rights on a global scale. The event served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaborative efforts to address the critical challenges facing our environment today.

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