QRCS Approves New Aid Shipment to Support Displaced People

Qatar Red Crescent Society’s (QRCS) representation office in Sudan has completed customs clearance for a new humanitarian aid shipment provided by the State of Qatar. The aid is part of the ongoing efforts to support victims of the conflict in the country.

The shipment includes high-tech blood analyzer machines, medical consumables, essential medicines, diapers, and food items, all sourced from QRCS’s warehouse in Doha. This aid comes as a relief for those affected by the war in Sudan.

The delivery of the humanitarian aid was attended by Rashid Al Muqreh, Chargé d’Affairs of the Embassy of the State of Qatar in Sudan, along with representatives from Sudan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and Ministry of Health (MoH). The MoH representative expressed gratitude to the State of Qatar for the timely assistance, acknowledging the considerable needs of the internally displaced people (IDPs) in the receiving states, particularly those coming from Khartoum.

Dr. Salah Daak, head of QRCS’s office in Sudan, highlighted that this new aid shipment is part of the ongoing airlift operation deployed by the State of Qatar to help the war-affected population. Dr. Daak emphasized that QRCS remains committed to supporting the health system, ensuring that hospitals affected by the conflict can resume their operations and be better equipped to serve IDPs.

Upon arrival, the aid shipment was immediately unloaded and transported to warehouses. Coordination with the relevant authorities is underway to ensure the proper sorting and distribution of the aid to the target areas. The medical equipment and consumables will be supplied to hospitals in the destination regions, enabling them to handle the larger numbers of patients resulting from the influx of IDPs.

In addition to supporting hospitals, the aid items will be distributed directly to the beneficiaries in coordination with the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS). This collaborative effort aims to effectively reach those in need and provide them with essential supplies.

QRCS’s continuous efforts to send humanitarian aid to Sudan demonstrate the commitment of the State of Qatar in assisting the war-torn country and its people. The support provided through these relief shipments plays a crucial role in alleviating the suffering of those affected by the conflict.

The ongoing partnership between QRCS, Qatar, and Sudan reflects the spirit of solidarity and compassion, serving as a beacon of hope for those facing challenging circumstances. As the situation evolves, QRCS stands ready to continue its support, making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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