Ramadan 2024 Moon Sighting Live: Crescent Spotted in Saudi Arabia and UAE, Taraweeh to Commence Tonight (Latest update GST 7:37 PM)

As the crescent moon graces the sky, Muslims worldwide eagerly await its sighting, heralding the arrival of Ramadan 2024. Tonight Sunday 10th March 2024, hearts brim with anticipation as we turn our gaze to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, UK, US, and Australia, preparing to embark on this sacred journey with the first fast tomorrow,Monday March-11-2024.

In a cherished tradition, the crescent of Ramadan is typically first spotted in Saudi Arabia and parts of India before spreading its luminous glow across Western horizons. Tonight, March 10, 2024, our collective hopes soar as we await news of the moon’s appearance, signaling the dawn of Ramadan in our communities.

For many of us in regions like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and South Asia, the prospect of Ramadan’s commencement is a day of profound significance. As we prepare for Taraweeh prayers to commence on the evening of March 11 and the inaugural fast on March 12, 1445 AH, our hearts are lifted in hopeful anticipation. The start of Ramadan in these lands hinges on the sacred sighting of the crescent moon tomorrow evening, following Maghrib prayers. Join us in awaiting this blessed moment and stay tuned for the latest updates on this spiritual journey.

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