New Categories in Sharjah Government Communication Award Aim to Tackle Global Food Security and Development Challenges

The Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA) takes a prominent role in addressing global challenges by highlighting effective communication strategies in food security and developmental solutions. With a focus on restoring confidence and fostering balanced media discourse, the award emphasizes the significance of effective communication in confronting pressing issues. Through two new international categories, the SGCA recognizes outstanding efforts and serves as a platform for showcasing exemplary communication models that address global challenges.

The global challenges we face today demand urgent attention and course correction. The “Paris Summit for a New Global Financial Pact” recognized the pressing need for change, given the significant disparity in greenhouse gas emissions and the vulnerability of developing nations to climate change. In this context, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been actively engaging with local and international public opinion to address the consequences of these challenges.

The Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB) is at the forefront of these efforts, incorporating them into diverse activities such as the esteemed Sharjah Government Communication Award (SGCA). With a specific focus on food security, the award has introduced two new international categories in its 10th edition, highlighting the crucial role of effective communication in addressing global challenges. By fostering a balanced media discourse, the SGCA aims to restore confidence in the capabilities of governments to navigate these crises.

The “Best Communication Plan to Support Food Security Programmes” category recognizes exceptional communication plans developed by governmental, semi-governmental, or private entities, international organizations, or civil society organizations. These plans effectively contribute to addressing the paramount issue of food security by developing solutions, raising awareness, and mobilizing global efforts to ensure sustainable and accessible food for affected communities. With over 811 million people experiencing chronic hunger, as highlighted in the 2021 United Nations report, and 20% of developing countries facing hunger, this category emphasizes the critical need to tackle this issue head-on.

The “Best Communication Practices or Campaigns Addressing Developmental Challenges” category recognizes initiatives that have successfully implemented programs or communication campaigns leading to positive outcomes in addressing economic and social challenges. These initiatives, undertaken by governmental, semi-governmental, private entities, and institutions, encompass support for small and medium enterprises, promotion of skill-building programs, crafts and family projects, and facilitation of access to financing. Through these efforts, the category aims to enhance living standards, reduce unemployment rates, and make a positive impact on societies.

For the past decade, the prestigious SGCA has served as a platform to showcase exemplary models in the communication field. These models effectively deliver governmental and institutional messages, foster meaningful connections with diverse populations, and address their concerns. The submission period for the award is open until August 15th, and interested parties can complete the submission forms through the official website

In conclusion, the Sharjah Government Communication Award takes a vital role in addressing global challenges by recognizing outstanding communication efforts in food security and developmental solutions. With a specific focus on these critical issues, the SGCA aims to highlight the importance of effective communication in confronting pressing global challenges.

By fostering a balanced media discourse and showcasing exemplary communication models, the award restores confidence in governmental capabilities and emphasizes the role of communication in finding solutions. As the submission period for the award continues, it provides a platform for recognizing and celebrating exceptional communication strategies that contribute to the betterment of societies and address the urgent needs of our world.

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