Sherri Shepherd pays homage to ‘The View’ co-creator Bill Geddie with a touching tribute

Sherri Shepherd, the former co-host of “The View,” paid tribute to her friend and mentor Bill Geddie during a recent appearance on the ABC talk show. Geddie, who co-created “The View” with Barbara Walters and served as one of its executive producers, passed away over the weekend. Shepherd credits Geddie with changing her life and helping her find her voice in the industry.

According to Shepherd, Geddie believed in her and saw potential in her that she didn’t even see in herself. When she first joined “The View” in 2007, Shepherd was a single mother and stand-up comic who knew little about politics. But Geddie saw something in her that he believed viewers could relate to.

“He absolutely changed my life because back in 2007 when he asked me to come on, I was a single mother, just divorced, stand-up comic (and) didn’t know a thing about politics,” Shepherd said. “And somehow he believed that people would relate to me.”

Geddie pushed Shepherd to find her voice and encouraged her to speak her mind on the show. Shepherd admits that in her first week, she made a mistake by questioning whether the earth was round or flat. But Geddie saw the potential for ratings and advised her not to apologize for everything. He reminded her that the show was called “The View” for a reason.

“My first week (on the show), didn’t I say I didn’t know if the earth was round or flat? I do know that it is round; it was a brain fart. … I said, ‘Bill, oh my God, I do know. I’ve got to go back on and say it,’ and he said, ‘No, this is ratings, baby,'” Shepherd recalled. “He said, ‘Sherri, if we apologized for everything we said, this would be called ‘The Apology Show’ — it’s not. It’s called ‘The View.’ “

“The View” shared the news of Geddie’s death on Instagram, calling him a pioneer in television and stating that the show wouldn’t exist without him. Geddie’s family also released a statement, describing him as a big deal on TV and a beloved husband and father.

Shepherd took to Instagram to express her devastation over Geddie’s death and to thank him for believing in her. She described him as a mentor, a great leader, and a wonderful friend. Throughout the first season of her own talk show, “Sherri,” Shepherd sought advice and encouragement from Geddie, who always pushed her to be better.

In addition to her tribute to Geddie, Shepherd has been making headlines with her upcoming talk show. It was recently announced that she will be taking over Wendy Williams’ daytime slot when her show ends in June. Shepherd’s new show has generated buzz, and fans are excited to see her back on television.

The world of talk shows has been undergoing some changes lately, with the departure of Ellen DeGeneres and speculation about who will fill her shoes. There are several women who have been mentioned as possible contenders for the title of the new queen of daytime talk, including Shepherd herself. As the industry evolves, Shepherd’s experience and talent make her a strong candidate for the role.

In the realm of television, there have been many great shows in 2023. One of the standout series is “Ghosts,” which has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. The show tells the story of a young couple who inherit a haunted house and must navigate their new supernatural roommates. With its unique blend of comedy and supernatural elements, “Ghosts” has quickly become a favorite among viewers.

Sherri Shepherd remembers her friend and mentor Bill Geddie, who played a significant role in her career. Geddie’s belief in Shepherd and his encouragement helped her find her voice and navigate the world of television. Shepherd continues to make strides in her career, now taking over Wendy Williams’ daytime slot with her own talk show. As the industry evolves, Shepherd remains a strong contender in the world of daytime talk shows. Additionally, the year 2023 has brought forth many exciting TV shows, including the critically acclaimed “Ghosts.” The legacy of Bill Geddie lives on, and Shepherd is grateful for the impact he had on her life and career.

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