Tamil Radio Stations Dominate the Airwaves in UAE, Nostalgia and Connection at the Core

Tamil radio stations, 89.4 Tamil FM and Radio Gilli, have made a significant impact on the UAE’s airwaves, capturing the hearts of Tamil expats with their catchy tunes and engaging talk shows. These stations have successfully added a much-needed Tamil flavor to the Indian expat radio scene, catering to a diaspora of around 400,000 Tamil expats living and working in the UAE. Their programming, driven by nostalgia and personal connection, has struck a chord with listeners from all walks of life.

The journey of Tamil radio in the UAE began with Radio Salaam and Shakti FM during 2007-08. However, it was 89.4 Tamil FM that emerged as a game-changer in 2015. Radio Gilli followed suit in 2017, breaking a Guinness World Record within a year of its operations by conducting the longest live radio show for five days.

RJ Bravo of 89.4 Tamil FM and RJ Nivedha of Radio Gilli have become beloved figures among the Tamil expat community. Their shows resonate with listeners as they touch upon real-life issues, childhood nostalgia, and even live crime story narrations. Listeners cherish the personal connect, often considering the RJs as family, and actively participate in call-in programs.

Both radio stations attract audiences with a mix of classic and contemporary Tamil songs. The music masters at the stations curate an extensive collection of songs to cater to the varied tastes of listeners, from the younger generation to those who prefer nostalgic hits from the ’90s. The morning shows are perfectly timed for the daily office commute, providing a refreshing start to the day.

With a large Tamil diaspora, the demand for advertising on these stations has skyrocketed. Local and international brands seek to reach out to the Tamil expat community, leading to increased revenue for the stations. Advertiser interest has grown exponentially over the years, creating new opportunities for businesses to connect with their target audience.

The success of these Tamil radio stations is not limited to the airwaves. They actively engage with the community through events on festivals, weekends, and special occasions. These events foster a sense of togetherness and provide listeners with the opportunity to meet their favorite RJs in person.

Tamil radio stations, 89.4 Tamil FM and Radio Gilli, have undeniably made a mark in the UAE’s media landscape. Their ability to evoke nostalgia, establish a personal connection, and entertain diverse audiences has won the hearts of Tamil expats across the country. As they continue to serve as companions and a source of entertainment, their influence is bound to grow further, cementing their position as the dominant voices in the UAE‘s Tamil expat radio scene.

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