Trump Team Launches Patriot Legal Defense Fund to Support Legal Expenses

Former President Donald Trump’s Trump team has announced the establishment of the Patriot Legal Defense Fund Inc., a new initiative aimed at providing financial support and legal representation to individuals facing mounting legal expenses associated with investigations into Trump’s administration.

Led by Michael Glassner, a former senior member of Trump’s campaign, and with the involvement of Lynne Patton, a close aide to Trump, the legal defense fund intends to protect innocent individuals from potential financial ruin resulting from ongoing legal battles. The fund’s primary focus is to offer assistance to those who have been facing what Trump’s team characterizes as “unlawful harassment” related to their association with the former president’s administration.

The decision to launch the legal defense fund comes after Trump’s recent superseding indictment, which involved him and two others being charged with obstruction. The charges stem from alleged attempts to delete surveillance video footage at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in 2022. Additionally, Trump faces a 34-count indictment in New York state court related to hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 election. Despite these legal challenges, Trump maintains his innocence and perceives himself as a victim of political persecution.

Trump and his allies have continuously relied on the Save America PAC, which has already reported spending over $21.6 million in legal expenses in the first half of 2023. The PAC has been a crucial source of financial support, assisting Trump’s team in covering legal fees incurred during various investigations.

It is important to note that the newly established Patriot Legal Defense Fund Inc. is distinct from the Save America PAC and is not intended to cover Trump’s personal legal bills. Instead, the fund is specifically designed to aid individuals facing legal scrutiny in connection with actions taken during Trump’s presidency.

As investigations into Trump and his associates continue, the demand for financial support to combat legal challenges becomes increasingly evident. The launch of the Patriot Legal Defense Fund Inc. is expected to offer significant support to those who might otherwise be burdened by legal expenses, ensuring that they receive adequate representation and protection.

In conclusion, the establishment of the Patriot Legal Defense Fund Inc. marks a strategic move by Trump’s team to address the escalating legal expenses faced by the former president and his allies. With Michael Glassner and Lynne Patton leading the fund, it is poised to be a crucial resource for individuals navigating legal scrutiny arising from their association with Trump‘s administration. As the legal battles continue, the new fund stands as a dedicated effort to support those facing legal challenges and provide them with necessary legal representation.

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