UAE: 1,200 School Bus Drivers Trained on ‘Golden Rules’ of Safety

In a significant effort towards ensuring the safety of school children, a comprehensive training workshop was conducted in the UAE, targeting 1,200 school bus drivers. The workshop, led by representatives of Sharjah Police, Emirates Transport, and Sharjah Civil Defence (CSD), focused on imparting the crucial ‘golden rules’ of safety to these drivers. This initiative aims to enhance transportation safety practices and create a secure environment for students during their daily commutes.

The workshop covered a range of essential safety topics, including proper boarding and de-boarding procedures. Participants were also guided on effective measures to bolster the safety infrastructure within school buses, ensuring the highest standards of protection for the young passengers.

Nahla Hamdan, Deputy Director of CSD, emphasized the ongoing nature of safety education, stating that it should be viewed as a continuous learning process rather than a one-time event. In a rapidly evolving world, the best practices for ensuring children’s safety, especially during their school journeys, are constantly evolving. She stressed the importance of empowering all stakeholders involved in this critical task, including drivers, supervisors, school administrations, and parents, to collectively ensure the safe transportation of children.

The workshop’s presenters placed special emphasis on key safety aspects, such as adhering to speed limits, following traffic regulations, and following proper protocols in case of accidents or fire incidents. Additionally, participants were informed about the child protection hotline (800700), which allows anyone to report potential risks to the safety of children in Sharjah.

This workshop, conducted in conjunction with the start of the 2023-2024 school year, is a vital component of CSD’s comprehensive annual campaign known as ‘Their Safety First.’ This campaign aims to instill safety awareness and practices within the community, particularly among those responsible for children’s transportation. Last year, the inaugural edition of the workshop was themed ‘The Golden Rules of Riding the School Bus,’ reflecting the importance of safety during school commutes.

The workshop also follows a social experiment carried out by CSD in August, centered around the slogan ‘Look before you lock.’ This initiative aimed to raise awareness among parents, teachers, and caregivers about the risks associated with leaving children unattended in closed vehicles, especially during the sweltering summer months.

The workshop witnessed the active participation of drivers and commute managers from various affiliated bodies of the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Leaders and Innovators. As the workshop concluded, CSD recognized the efforts and dedication of its partners and trainers by presenting them with certificates of appreciation. This acknowledgment highlighted their role in championing child safety and contributing to the department’s overarching goal of building a secure and vigilant community focused on safeguarding children.

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