UAE Authority Confiscates 65 Sandfish Lizards

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has confiscated 65 sandfish lizards from a vehicle in the Al Dhafra region. The lizards are a protected species in the UAE and are illegal to trade or sell.

The EAD said that the lizards were found in a container in the back of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and is facing charges of illegal wildlife trade.

The sandfish lizard is a small, burrowing lizard that is found in the deserts of the UAE. It is a protected species under the UAE’s federal law on the protection of the environment and natural resources.

The EAD is urging the public to report any cases of illegal wildlife trade to the authorities. The agency said that it is committed to protecting the UAE’s wildlife and natural resources.

Here are some of the penalties for illegal wildlife trade in the UAE:

  • A fine of up to AED 1 million (US$272,000).
  • A prison sentence of up to five years.
  • The confiscation of the wildlife and any equipment used in the trade.

The EAD is working to raise awareness of the illegal wildlife trade and to protect the UAE’s wildlife. The agency is also working with other organizations to combat the illegal wildlife trade.

If you see any suspicious activity related to the illegal wildlife trade, please report it to the EAD by calling 800 303.

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