UAE Clarifies Fines for Workplace Smoking and Considers Rewards

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has stepped in to clarify the Fines for Workplace Smoking across the country. This comes after some confusion regarding the specific disciplinary actions for violators.

What’s the Rule?

The UAE adheres to a strict no-smoking policy in all workplaces, protecting employees and visitors from secondhand smoke exposure. This applies to offices, government buildings, private companies, and even public transportation.

Fines or Termination?

While there’s no specific government-mandated fine for smoking in offices, the MoHAP clarified that violating the no-smoking policy is considered an “administrative violation”. This means the consequences are determined by the individual organization or ministry.

What Does This Mean for Employees?

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Company Policies: Each company or government department likely has its own internal policies addressing workplace smoking violations. These policies might outline a range of disciplinary actions, including verbal warnings, written reprimands, temporary suspension, or even termination in extreme cases.
  • Employee vs. Customer: The MoHAP suggests different approaches depending on the violator. Employees caught smoking could face disciplinary action according to the company’s policy. However, for external customers seeking services, companies might have procedures in place for politely informing them about the no-smoking policy and directing them to designated smoking areas, if available.

Rewarding Smoke-Free Workplaces:

The MoHAP revealed an interesting possibility! While details are still being discussed, they are considering a system to reward companies that successfully implement and maintain a completely smoke-free environment within their workplaces.

The Takeaway:

The UAE enforces a strict no-smoking policy in workplaces. While the government doesn’t impose specific fines, individual companies have the authority to implement disciplinary actions for violators. Interestingly, initiatives to reward companies that achieve smoke-free environments are being considered. This is a positive step towards creating a healthier workplace environment in the UAE.

Know more about Smoking in offices:

  1. Is there a fine for smoking in the office in the UAE?

There’s no specific government-mandated fine. However, smoking in a workplace is considered an “administrative violation.”

  1. What happens if I get caught smoking in the office in the UAE?

The consequences depend on your company’s internal policies. You could face warnings, reprimands, suspension, or even termination.

  1. Do all companies in the UAE have the same policy on workplace smoking?

No, companies can set their own disciplinary actions for smoking violations within their no-smoking policy.

  1. Can a customer get fined for smoking in an office in the UAE?

Unlikely. Companies might inform them about the no-smoking policy and direct them to designated smoking areas (if available).

  1. Are there any smoke-free workplaces in the UAE?

Yes, the UAE enforces a strict no-smoking policy in all workplaces, including government buildings, private companies, and public transport.

  1. Is there a way to find out a company’s specific policy on workplace smoking?

Yes, you can check the company’s website or employee handbook for details on their no-smoking policy and disciplinary actions.

  1. What are some common disciplinary actions for workplace smoking in the UAE?

Companies might implement verbal warnings, written reprimands, temporary suspension, or termination (in severe cases).

  1. Does the UAE government encourage smoke-free workplaces?

Yes! The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) is considering a reward system for companies that maintain smoke-free environments.

  1. Where can I learn more about the MoHAP’s smoke-free workplace initiatives?

While the MoHAP website ( might not have specifics on this yet, keep an eye out for updates or search online for news articles.

  1. What are the health benefits of a smoke-free workplace?

Reduced exposure to secondhand smoke protects employees and visitors from respiratory problems, heart disease, and even cancer.

  1. Can I smoke outside the office building in the UAE?

Generally, yes. However, there might be designated smoking areas to ensure smoke doesn’t enter the building or ventilation systems.

  1. What if my company doesn’t have a clear policy on workplace smoking?

It’s best to clarify with your HR department or a supervisor to understand their protocols regarding smoking within the workplace.

  1. Can I report a company that allows smoking in the workplace?

You might be able to report them to the MoHAP, but the details and procedures are not entirely clear yet. Check the MoHAP website for updates.

  1. Are there resources to help employees quit smoking in the UAE?

Yes, several resources exist. You can search online for smoking cessation programs or support groups offered by health authorities or private organizations.

  1. What are some alternative ways to manage stress at work besides smoking?

Exercise, healthy eating, relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga, and spending time in nature can be effective stress relievers.

  1. Does e-cigarette use fall under the same rules as smoking in the UAE workplaces?

Regulations for e-cigarettes might differ slightly. It’s best to check with your company’s policy or relevant authorities for clarification.

  1. What happens if a manager smokes in the workplace?

The same rules and disciplinary actions likely apply to everyone regardless of position.

  1. Are there any specific laws regarding smoking breaks in the UAE workplace?

There are no mandated smoking break laws. However, companies might have their own policies on breaks, including whether smoking is allowed during those times.

  1. Can I take legal action against my company for not enforcing a smoke-free workplace?

This is a complex legal question. It’s advisable to consult with a lawyer specializing in UAE labor laws for specific guidance.

  1. What are some positive effects of smoke-free workplaces in the UAE?

These policies create healthier work environments, improve employee productivity, and reduce healthcare costs for companies.

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