UAE’s Commitment to Shaping a Better Future: Minister Al Awar’s Vision at G20 Meeting

His Excellency Dr. Abdulrahman Al Awar, the Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation expressed the UAE’s unwavering commitment to playing an active role in shaping a better future for societies worldwide. He emphasized the nation’s focus on creating job opportunities and enhancing human resources’ contributions to sustainable development. The Minister delivered this powerful message during the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers’ meeting held in India, showcasing the UAE’s dedication to engaging with global leaders in setting the agenda for progress and prosperity.

The Country recognizes the significance of engaging with the member states of the G20, a forum that holds a crucial role in shaping the global agenda for a better future. His Excellency Al Awar reiterated the UAE’s desire to become an integral part of these international efforts aimed at fostering positive change for communities worldwide.

As the world witnesses rapid development and technological advancements, the UAE understands the importance of regulating employment practices and enhancing the skills of its human resources. The nation has taken proactive steps to ensure that gig and platform workers receive similar levels of coverage and social protections as employees in traditional sectors. Employers in the UAE are obligated to provide insurance that covers workers’ entitlements, ensuring financial security for the workforce.

The government takes pride in its successful public-private partnership approach to social security schemes. These sustainable systems provide crucial support to the nation’s workforce, reflecting the UAE’s commitment to the welfare of its people. Furthermore, the UAE prioritizes the empowerment and inclusion of women and youth in the labor market, recognizing their vital role in the country’s sustainable development.

Minister Al Awar commended all G20 member states for their dedication to the objectives and vision of the forum. He reaffirmed the Country’s readiness to offer its support and cooperation in achieving these shared goals, with the ultimate aim of creating a better future for societies around the world.

The G20 holds significant influence in fostering economic cooperation and promoting global economic growth and prosperity. With member countries accounting for a substantial portion of the world’s GDP and international trade, the G20 plays a pivotal role in addressing pressing global challenges. Additionally, the G20 member countries are home to a considerable percentage of the world’s population, making their collaborative efforts even more impactful.

The Country’s commitment to playing an active role in shaping a better future for societies is evident through the visionary leadership of Minister Al Awar. Engaging with the G20 and its member states showcases the UAE’s dedication to contributing to global progress and prosperity. By prioritizing policies for a changing world, fostering social security through public-private partnerships, and empowering women and youth, the UAE stands as a beacon of hope for a brighter and more sustainable future. As the G20 continues to lead the way in economic cooperation, the UAE’s unwavering support and cooperation will undoubtedly pave the way for positive change on a global scale.

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