UAE’s Humanitarian Aid Efforts in Earthquake-Hit Afghanistan

In the aftermath of multiple devastating earthquakes in Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates has launched a commendable humanitarian operation. This initiative includes the establishment of a field hospital in Herat, Afghanistan, with the aim of providing crucial medical assistance to the affected Afghan population. Furthermore, the UAE has intensified its aid efforts by airlifting additional relief supplies to the afflicted region. This article delves into the details of the UAE’s ongoing humanitarian mission in Afghanistan, highlighting the significance of this aid in a time of crisis.

As Afghanistan grapples with the aftermath of a series of powerful earthquakes, the opening of the UAE’s field hospital in Herat serves as a lifeline for the survivors. The humanitarian operation is geared towards offering medical support to those in desperate need, reinforcing the UAE’s commitment to assisting its Afghan brethren during this trying period.

The UAE’s response to the earthquake crisis in Afghanistan is characterized by an unwavering commitment to providing aid. Relief planes have taken off on multiple occasions, transporting significant amounts of food and medical supplies to the affected region. This concerted effort underscores the UAE’s determination to support the Afghan people during their time of need.

An established air bridge between the UAE and Afghanistan has played a pivotal role in ensuring the swift delivery of aid. As relief planes continue to shuttle between the two nations, essential supplies, including 500 tents and food parcels, are reaching the earthquake-affected areas, addressing the immediate requirements of the Afghan population.

Sultan Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Development and International Organisations Affairs, reaffirmed the UAE’s commitment to assisting Afghanistan. He noted that the humanitarian air bridge has been consistently delivering supplies to meet the basic needs of the Afghan people, demonstrating the UAE’s dedication to helping its neighbors in their time of crisis.

The recent series of earthquakes, including a 6.3-magnitude quake, inflicted immense damage across the Herat region, resulting in a substantial loss of life. While the official death toll stands at approximately 2,400 people, with about 2,000 more injured, the actual impact is far-reaching. Survivors and volunteers have been compelled to employ bulldozers to create graves for the victims, painting a stark picture of the devastation.

Despite the challenges and difficulties faced in the aftermath of the earthquakes, the UAE remains undeterred in its mission to provide aid. The urgent humanitarian situation is further underscored by a subsequent 6.3-magnitude earthquake that struck outside Herat, followed by another of similar magnitude. Although no new fatalities were reported, dozens of people were injured, and hundreds of homes were damaged.

The UAE‘s humanitarian endeavors in earthquake-stricken Afghanistan epitomize solidarity and compassion in the face of adversity. The establishment of a field hospital and the continuous airlifting of essential supplies underscore the UAE’s commitment to making a tangible difference during this crisis. As the Afghan people grapple with the aftermath of devastating earthquakes, the UAE’s unwavering support serves as a beacon of hope and assistance in their time of need.

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